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White Sky: A Sci-Fi, Horror, Alien Adventure

White Sky

A Dark New Take on the Hunter and the Hunted

As of October 7, it was announced that the US and Canadian VOD service Vision Films Inc. will premiere White Sky, a pulse-pounding sci-fi alien adventure from M and M Film Productions UK. Adam Wilson directed and produced the film, written by Philip Daay and co-produced by Malcolm Winter, Makenna Guyler, and M and M’s own Monika Gergelova. The movie was filmed during the pandemic on location in Wales last September. 

The picture follows three campers who witness an alien mothership descend upon their town and convert the residents into “Altered” human beings. The three join with a reclusive stranger who aids them in finding safety as they are chased deep into the woods by their former neighbors, who search at the bidding of that which has taken their bodies hostage. Unfortunately, one of the group members becomes infected, moving their dire situation from bad to worse. It becomes clear to the other survivors that there may not be any escape from the horde of “Altered” townsfolk who seem relentless in their hunt to assimilate all who remain unassimilated. 

White Sky stars Natalie Martins (Get Gone), Ade Dimberline (The Spanish Princess), Makenna Guyler (King of Crime), and Jordan McFarlane.

White Sky

CEO and managing director of Vision Films, Lise Romanoff, says this about the upcoming picture: “White Sky is the perfect sci-fi release for the Halloween season and covers all the bases that horror audiences love: great special effects, nail-biting suspense, action, and of course, aliens.”

Managing and Commercial Director Malcolm Winter said, “M&M Film Productions has overcome all obstacles that came with the COVID 19 Pandemic to make White Sky, working tirelessly to create an entertaining Sci-Fi drama.”

Monica Gergelova, CEO and Managing Director, adds, “White Sky gives you a strong female character with Hailey. She does not give up in the face of danger, no matter how extreme. She is sensational all the way through.”

White Sky will be available on all major streaming and cable platforms and on DVD on October 19, 2021.

White Sky

White Sky (2021) Official Trailer

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