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Cursed Books You Should Not Read

Cursed Books

Don't Get Caught Up By These Haunted Books...Literally

The world as we know it is a strange and mysterious place. There are places that we have not yet discovered and dangers that are yet to unfold. Included in our unknown world is the study of literature and stories. Here is a list of cursed books from around the world that were banned, destroyed, or are just too risky to read. 

The Grand Grimoire

The author of this book remains a mystery and is considered as one of the powerful books in the world. Historians nicknamed the book “gospel of Satan” because it was believed to be written by someone who was possessed by the devil. The book contains instructions on how to raise spirits and demons back to life. 

The Grand Grimoire is not available to purchase, but the original copy is kept at the Vatican Secret Archives in Vatican City, however, is not allowed to be viewed by the public. 

The Book of Abramelin

This 15th century novel has had a reputation for being cursed. The book was written by a man named Abraham who met a strange magician in Egypt. The man told Abraham many secrets about dark magic and other dark unbelievable secrets such as how to become invisible and how to raise the dead. 

Anyone who owned The Book of Abramelin reported bad luck and strange hauntings from spirits from another world. 

The Orphan’s Story

Written by Martin de Leon Cardenas in the 1600’s, The Orphan’s Story is about a young boy who travels to become a special and successful man. The book wasn’t published until 2018 because people believed it was haunted. Researchers found that whoever tried to edit the book died in mysterious ways. 

Cursed Books

Codex Gigas (The Devil’s Bible)

Codex Gigas was written in the 16th century by a Buddhist monk. The monk broke his spiritual vows and for this, he was sentenced to die. The night before his death, the monk began writing everything he knew about the human experience. Realizing he wouldn’t have time to finish it. He summoned Lucifer and asked him to complete the project in exchange for his soul. The book was then “completed” by the devil himself. It’s overflowing with dark rituals and imagery. It also includes sketches of the devil and other demonic beings.

The Book of Soyga

The Book of Soyga is also known as the book of death. There are only two copies in existence. The book is written in an unknown language. A scholar named John Dee tried decoding the book, but his obsession with the book drove him into insanity. The last 36 pages of the book could not be figured out. Dee knew the book was about dark rituals and magic spells. 

After his death in 1608, the books were not discovered again until 1994. Since then, many have tried to decode the book, but it comes with a serious consequence. According to legend, anyone who successfully translates the last pages is destined to die in under three years.

The copies can be found at the British Library in London, United Kingdom and the Bodleian Library Oxford in Oxford, United Kingdom.

Cursed Books

Top 10 Cursed Books You Shouldn’t Read Alone

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