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Nightbreed (1990): A Review


Aaron Boone Learns Some Nightmares Do Come True…

Nothing screams horror like a well-infused combination of a psychotic serial murderer and mystical creatures ruled by Baphomet. Director Clive Barker reached newer, more disturbing heights in his 1990’s classic, Nightbreed. What makes this movie so unique and fresh is the mixture of realistic and mystical horror. Barker takes possibility and real fear and combines them with the monsters under our beds to produce a thoroughly entertaining piece.

There is something so nostalgic yet so timeless about cheesy animation and special effects from the 1990s. Luckily, for any fans of this aesthetic, Nightbreed is packed full of unique monstrous characters and special effects to send anyone back in time. 

The monsters never would have found their real leader, though, if it was not for the psychotic-murdering psychiatrist that led the young Aaron Boone (Craig Sheffer) to the dreamland of Midian. 

Boone’s girlfriend, Lori Winston (Anne Bobby), convinces him to see a psychotherapist after he has recurring dreams of a mystical place known as Midian. The psychotherapist, Philip Decker (David Cronenberg), is a serial killer and desperately needs someone to pawn the crimes onto. Boone is the perfect guilty party to fit the bill, so Decker loads him on psychedelics and soon Boone ends up in a hospital after being hit by a vehicle. Here is where Boone obtains the directions to the mythical land of Midian. The graphic nature of the scene alone is enough to make the toughest stomach tremble. 


“I’m dead. I’m the walking dead,” Aaron Boone exclaims, leading the audience down the rest of this roller coaster of a campy-sci-fi-slasher film. 

The complexity of Aaron and Lori’s love is something that drives the movie. The pair have such a special bond, one that exceeds space, time, and human life. If there is anything to watch this film for, it is definitely to watch a woman and man who would do absolutely anything for each other. Step back Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, because Nightbreed is definitely a better love story than Twilight

The classic special effects and makeup of the 1990s will forever live on as the most iconic staples of horror. While they might not be particularly scary, they add something to the aesthetic of a film that modern artists and editors have yet to exceed. If anything, the monsters of Midian remind me of the extraterrestrial characters in the original Star Wars films. Each monster is different and crafted in excruciating detail to look as realistic as possible. Nightbreed will most definitely bring back those classic 1980s feels. 

Clive Barker’s brilliance in the world of filmmaking is easy to see in his 1990 film Nightbreed. While it is not horrifying, the idea of a world filled with monsters ruled by Baphomet and an unhinged serial killer should give everyone goosebumps. If you’re still hungry for more after watching the film, be sure to read Barker’s novel he created this world from, known as Cabal.


Nightbreed (1990) Original Theatrical Trailer

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