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Twilight Zone Season Two Episodes: A Review

The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone Offers A Dimension As Vast As Space, As Timeless As Infinity

Finding great but less ubiquitous episodes of the Twilight Zone is a little tricky in season two. Not for lack of quality- season two has a number of wonderful episodes. However, this is a season that gave us a number of incredibly famous episodes, such as “The Obsolete Man,” “Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up,” “Night of the Meek,” and “A Most Unusual Camera.” You know, the episodes we’ve seen remade by both Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Goosebumps, and parodied a million times? Yeah, those episodes.

But The Twilight Zone is a show with 155 episodes, and some are certainly more universally remembered than others. So let’s take another look, shall we?

“Static” (Debuted March 10th, 1961)

I’m cheating a little bit with this one, because like “A World of His Own” in season one, this episode may not be as ubiquitous as “Time Enough at Last,” but it is famous enough to have been remade into a short film. However, I do think it’s as good as some of the most beloved episodes, and it’s often not mentioned in the same breath as the others.

Frankly, I like it better than “Time Enough at Last.” I mean, Ed is a bitter old grump, and he gets a second chance. All Henry wanted to do was read his books without being yelled at, and he gets rewarded with a nuclear apocalypse and broken glasses. I mean, harsh.

“Static” follows Ed Lindsay, a bitter man who regrets the passing of the time, never marrying the woman he loves, and the fact that TV was ever invented. Apparently, television characters complaining about television has always been a thing! 

Ed finds a lovely old radio that I want, and while turning the dials, finds a station that is playing old music and radio shows from his young adulthood. The only problem? No one else can hear it.

I have an affection for old-time radio, so this episode is a favorite of mine. I’m also happy to report that Vinnie, Ed’s former love interest, isn’t the embodiment of the “shrew” trope, the way some of the women from my last article were. The Twilight Zone, for all of its wonderful qualities, was a show from the late fifties and early sixties. It is often very much of its time when it comes to the way it portrays women, sometimes to a comical extent. However, in this episode, I could sympathize with Vinnie. She was wrong, but she wasn’t ill-intended and I can see why she made the decisions she made.

This episode is really sweet, and I have a soft spot for when the Twilight Zone is willing to be such.

The Twilight Zone

“This Silence” (First aired April 28th, 1961)

We all know that guy who needs to just shut up already. Sometimes, I’m that guy. Sorry. But I can’t be so bad. After all, no one’s ever offered me half a million dollars not to talk for a year.

Wait, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Jamie Tennyson is a talker, a bs artist, and he’s driving everyone nuts at the snooty men’s club he attends. Particularly annoyed is Colonel Archie Taylor, who offers him $500,000 dollars to keep his big mouth shut for a year. He must stay in a glass room at the club for the entire year, and the club will provide the amenities. In turn, he will be surrounded by microphones, so if he makes a peep, he loses the bet.

Tennyson, like the rest of us, can use the money, so he takes the bet. The bulk of the episode portrays the increasingly malicious mind games Taylor starts playing to make Tennyson break his end of the bargain.

The episode’s twist is very much a gallows humor version of the old “cheaters never prosper” moral, and it is pretty glorious.

Season three has some of my absolute favorite episodes, so look forward to that in my upcoming Twilight Zone Season Three article!

The Twilight Zone

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