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Bite Size Halloween (2021): A Review

Bite Size Halloween

Bite Size Halloween Shows Great Things Come In Small Packages

Many people look forward to Halloween not only for the scares but for the treats. And some of the best treats are the bite-sized morsels, miniature butterfingers, snickers, and mars bars. They are sweet enough to satisfy the sweet tooth without causing too many cavities. And to be honest, sometimes the best scares also come in small portions. And who can resist the quick chills that stem from the horrifying shortened tales of terror? So when looking for a quick delight, they can be just what the doctor ordered. And Hulu has just the thing with the seasonal return of Bite Size Halloween.

Season 1

Bite Size Halloween first aired on Hulu in 2020 with 28 episodes. Although there have been many anthologies, there are none quite like this one. This anthology was a surprising treat for those needing a tiny bit of terror with their goodies. The episodes ranged from six to fifteen minutes in length and packed just the right punch. They were, of course, not enough to chill the blood but enough to send a shiver or two down one’s spine. 

Bite Size Halloween

Season 2

Now in its second season, the Hulu Halloween anthology has 16 episodes that again cover a range of horrific delights. The tales explore everything from eye exams, beauty routines, and deformed appendages to unwanted surrogacy. The episodes stretch your beliefs and make you wonder, what if? And there are a lot of shocks and surprises to go around. 

The episodes are drawn from the imaginings of different writers. And the directors also vary from tale to tale, turning a different lens on each subject. So, if one short is not your cup of tea, perhaps you can find your delight in another. 

There are only 355 more days left until next Halloween, so be sure to catch the bite-size offerings before they melt away. 

Bite Size Halloween

Bite Size Halloween “Daughters of Witches” (2021) Hulu’s Full Short

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