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The Servant 2019-2022

The Servant

The Eerily Entertaining Series Returns January 2022

In 2019 M. Night Shyamalan did for streaming what he had expertly done for the cinema for years, with the introduction of his suspenseful and eerily entertaining series The Servant

M. Night Shyamalan

M Night Shyamalan’s penchant to thrill audiences is incomparable. He is the contortionist of horror and science fiction. He amazes with his uniquely identifying tales that bend the mind. And The Servant stands as another testament to his artistry at work. 

The Servant

The Servant made its debut on the Apple+ platform a little over two years ago. And the series has had a strong run for two fantastic seasons. This tale documents the journey of an enterprising news anchor and her talented chef husband undergoing a horrific tragedy. But, unbeknownst to viewers, there is a dangerous secret that envelops the pair. And that secret becomes the igniting force that threatens to burn everything to the ground.

The Heart of The Servant

A tragedy is at the core of this spine-tingler. And it is the unfathomable nature of that tragedy that threatens to break marital and mental bonds. And soon, the cracks become too expansive to hide. But the funny thing about cracks in the surface left un-mended, they sometimes permit dark things to take root.

The Protagonist

Dorothy Turner, the struggling matriarch, is at the center of this tale. She is insufferable but painfully ignorant. Throughout the beginning of this tale of woe, viewers find her grappling with deep darkness. In her state of vulnerability, she is no way prepared for the darker outer forces drawn to her door. 

Throughout the season, her grasp on reality slips, creating an irreparable mental fragility. It is evident that she is touched by a plague of suffering that spreads like an infection. That infection keeps her vulnerable and a prisoner to fear. And that fear is what fuels an insatiable need to hold on to anything. When it seems that she will go under, along comes her family’s salvation… or so it seems.

The Servant

The Terror

Shyamalan’s introduction of the dark heroine is poetic. Through the building of the character, he proves that not all servants are there to serve, or at least in the way we think. As the story advances, things go awry. And many things don’t add up. Then the plot takes a supernatural turn. 

The Twist And Turns

With each episode, he inquires of his audience, how far can tragedy push a person? Can one identify true insanity amid tragedy? And how does one deal with a desire fulfilled to have it all taken away? 

He pulls the rug from under his viewers at the conclusion of season one to leave them clinging to the cliff. 

The Return of The Servant

In the wake of massive anticipation, The Servant returned to the streaming platform for another season in January of 2021. And to the delight of fans, season two began where one ended. However, the focus is now on a couple on the brink, their relationship fraying. Gratefully we follow their frantic search to reclaim their loss. Their driving force is none other than the desperate allure of finding satisfaction despite the cost.

Season Two in Brevity

Much like the first season, Shyamalan keeps viewers wondering, trying to unravel the mystery. And he maintains intrigue by dangling pieces of the puzzle. Down the winding maze we go, and where we stop, nobody knows.

A Look at the Scope of the Story

The Servant is undoubtedly a deep dark spiral of a tale. The tragic offering is an orchestrated homage to the darkness that desperation and desire invite. And the deep repose that runs throughout boundless love mixed with denial can quickly morph into a morbidly unhealthy attachment. And sometimes, the wisest thing is to leave well enough alone.

However, this tale is far from its end. There are yet many questions that beg answers. But fans of this work will be happy to know The Servant returns in January of 2022.

The Servant

The Servant (2022) Season 3 Official Trailer

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