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The Train to Busan: Upcoming Remake

Train to Busan

"Train to Busan" Remake is Now "Last Train to New York"

Yeon Sang-Ho’s hit 2016 zombie horror, Train to Busan, has officially received its new Americanized name. The remake of the popular film will now be called Last Train to New York.

The English language adaptation is set to be directed by Timo Tjahjanto (V/H/S 2). The original film, written by Park Joo-suk and directed by Yeon Sang-ho, followed a divorced father and his daughter trapped on a bullet train traveling from Seoul to Busan right as a fast-acting zombie virus tears through the country. He and the other survivors on the train struggle to survive wave after wave of infected as the train heads towards its final destination, with safety at the end being uncertain. 

The film stars Gong Yoo (Squid Games) and Ma Dong-seok (The Eternals) and premiered at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. It received critical acclaim for its fast-paced action, layered characters, and social commentary layered in between pulse-pounding scares and emotional acting. The film was also a huge box-office success, generating almost $100 million against a budget of $8.5 million. 

Train to Busan

An American remake has been in development since Train to Busan’s initial release. Master of horror, James Wan (The Conjuring, Aquaman), was announced to produce the film under New Line Cinema, Atomic Monster, and Coin Operated, with the release initially set for 2018. Obviously, that never happened. Currently, there is no set date for production on the film to begin as Tjahjanto is currently wrapped up in production for the remake of Under Siege. Other than the confirmation of the new name, no other new updates have been released regarding the progress of the film.

Because of the U.S. setting, it makes sense for the studios to change the film’s name and for it to be set in a place like New York due to its being one of few metropolitan areas in the country with multiple running passenger trains. However, because very little is currently known about the project, no one knows if Last Train could relate to the apocalyptic nature of the film’s story or if there is another meaning. Also, given how past foreign horror remakes have been received, many fans of Train to Busan are on the fence about this new adaptation. Only time will tell how this movie turns out. It could end up being a hit like Gore Verbinski’s The Ring (2003) or as a box office dud like One Missed Call (2008). 

Train to Busan

Train to Busan (2016) Official Trailer

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