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The Whole Truth (2021): A Review

The Whole Truth

So You Want "The Whole Truth"? Well Maybe You Can’t Handle "The Whole Truth"!

The Whole Truth made its debut on streaming Behemoth Netflix on December 3. Talk about a wild ride. Again, this film marks another movie with a catchy title and exciting poster that draws in an audience. However, one realizes the saying you can’t judge a book by its cover is an absolute truth. Obviously, one cannot judge a movie by its poster either. Sometimes creative teams are the greatest illusionists of our time.

The Grit

The Whole Truth is a puzzling horror from Thailand from the mind of Abishek J. Bajaj and the direction of Wisit Sasanatieng. And one must use the word horror lightly. There is very little that is terrifying. However, the movie does contain a supernatural element, so it falls into the horror genre based on typology. When referencing this film, an argument on the genre is neither here nor there. The one sure thing is that The Whole Truth is a humdinger of a movie that will have the audience scratching their heads the entirety of its running. 

Dead in the Center

The Whole Truth centers around one of the most common horror elements of our time, “the family.” Weirdly a few filmmakers have chosen the family as a nucleus for trending horror plots. But, of course, that brings up a different set of questions to be entertained at another time. Unfortunately, there is nothing fresh or exciting about this film’s nucleus. 

Yet, unbelievably, this movie has a run time of two hours and five minutes. That is 125 minutes of bewilderment. With that said, there is pretty much a guarantee that throughout the piece, viewers will ask a lot of questions, very few of which the film will answer.

A Glimmer of Brilliance

Admittedly the title is unique as it is an allegory. Because smartly, the climactic plot point of this movie is a strange hole in the wall. So, our characters must essentially investigate the hole to get the entire truth. One would think they were in for an artful masterpiece with such poetic symbolism. Sadly, they would be wrong. This story is too allegorical as the entire movie is full of plot holes. 

The Whole Truth

Confusion as a Drawing Force

Viewers don’t get an inkling of clarity of what is happening in this film until the end. Then, even at the supposed resolution, things remain murky.

The trajectory of this story follows two kids whose mother falls subject to a tragedy. As a result, the two must go live with their grandparents, whom they’ve never met. Talk about stranger danger. They stumble across a hole while staying in a home alien to them with people they have never met. Apparently, no one can see this hole but them, at least initially. Which we later find out is a farce of sorts. Anyway, young Putt and Pim see some horrific things through that hole. Not only do they have to piece together what’s going on so do we. 

Finally, a Little Momentum

The story does seem to gain some momentum towards the end. However, by the time the viewer gets to the final scenes, the movie becomes one big game of Clue, a puzzling who dun it, typology. 

I couldn’t help but exhale a sigh of relief when it seemed the movie was reaching some satisfactory conclusion. However, as I, most viewers will realize that there is a trap door sequence here. Once you think you figure things out, then the entire theory falls out from under you. Unfortunately, even the twist isn’t very substantive. 

Mimicry Not Always an Art

This director seems to attempt to blend elements of The Grudge (2004) and The Visit (2015) together. The idea is to create a sticking point while breathing life into a new concept. However, it doesn’t work well. The film comes off as a half-hearted haphazard attempt. 

All Potential is Not Lost, Or Is It?

There is some potential lurking somewhere between those reels. If more care were taken with fleshing out the plot, there is gold to be mined. Unfortunately, things didn’t pan out, so the potential greatness remains elusive. The characters or the phantoms are not original enough. The CGI is horrid. There are too many loose ends that bear significant explanation. 

Thus, when determining if The Whole Truth is a hit or miss. Truthfully the movie is wholly lacking and is regrettably a miss. 

The Whole Truth

The Whole Truth (2021) Official Trailer

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