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“For Blood or Justice”: New Horror-Noir Podcast

For Blood or Justice

A New Tale For Horror is Coming For Your Ears Only!

Independent filmmakers Todd Kniss and Scotty Weil produced a horror noir podcast titled For Blood or Justice, based on the graphic novel of the same name. The goal when making this series was to let audiences “see”, so to speak, the characters make their way through this gritty world set during the ’70s. The story follows a Texas law enforcement officer searching for psychopaths across the Lone Star state past the Mexican border. In the other country, he finds himself in a town where he discovers the existence of the most horrendous experiments and humans being conducted by an escaped Nazi scientist and backed by US Black Ops.

This series creators have recently struck a new distribution deal with the global media platform reVolver Podcasts to stream their show on their platform. This new deal will help the serial reach new audiences worldwide, particularly in the Hispanic market. Other new marketing opportunities will become available as well.

As stated by reVolver Podcast’s CEO: “As soon as I listened to the first episode of For Blood or Justice, I knew we had to acquire it for reVolver. It’s unlike anything else we have on our platform – thrilling, terrifying, and yes, charming- we are confident that we are the right partner to share it with the broadest audience possible.”

For Blood or Justice

Episodes of the podcast were performed diversely and internationally by acclaimed actors Danny Trejo, Kellan Lutz, and an assortment of talented voice actors from Tara Strong, Sarah Clarke, Eric Bauza, and many more. Sound design was also considered to be a strong character in the recording as the sounds were selected to let listeners dive right into the heart of this dark underworld to help them feel in the moment by creating an all-immersive experience.

In a discussion of this show, producer Scotty Weil stated, “It was important for us to produce this serial as if it were on camera. The incredibly talented cast embraced our vision and kept the bar very high. We truly feel there is no other scripted audio drama available today like ours.”

Aside from revolver Podcasts, you can now listen to all nine For Blood or Justice episodes for free on Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Music, and Soundcloud.  

For Blood or Justice (2021) Podcast Teaser

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