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“Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches” Coming to AMC

Anne Rice

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On December 1st, AMC Networks announced it will begin production of Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches. This new series is based on the Lives of the Mayfair Witches trilogy. AMC acquired the rights to 18 of Rice’s novels and will also bring Interview With The Vampire to the network in 2022. Both series sold over 150 million copies worldwide and have continued to entrance readers for over four decades. Two novels from The Vampire Chronicles have already been made into feature films, Interview with the Vampire (1994) and Queen of the Damned (2002). 

The Lives of the Mayfair Witches trilogy centers around a wealthy family of witches living in New Orleans, one an estranged neurosurgeon just beginning to develop her powers. She soon learns she is the heir to Mayfair legacy, including a supernatural entity that has followed the family for centuries. Spanning hundreds of years, this trilogy often dives into the realm of historical fiction with accuracy and believability. The Mayfair mansion was inspired by Anne Rice’s personal home in New Orleans, which is said to be haunted. 

Anne Rice, along with her son Christopher Rice, were set to be executive producers for these upcoming projects. Unfortunately, she passed away December 11th before production could begin. Producer Mark Johnson will be overseeing development. Esta Spalding and Michelle Ashford are the writers who will bring Rice’s complex, yet fascinating witch family to life next year.

Anne Rice

The first season of Interview With the Vampire is scheduled to conclude before Mayfair Witches begins. Anne Rice brought a sense of gothic sophistication to vampire lore, featuring elegant vampires who could pass for human with little effort. Her vampires were not typical monsters and were mostly accepted, if not at times even admired by the humans surrounding them. They were philosophical, poetic, and tormented by their immortality. The extensive Vampire Chronicles series creates a world where vampires are relatable, albeit more than a tad pretentious. 

The upcoming Interview with the Vampire series will have eight episodes in the first season, giving the novel a more in depth look than the 1994 movie. Sam Reid will play the vampire Lestat and Jacob Anderson is set to play his companion Louis in Interview with the Vampire. Casting for Mayfair Witches has yet to be announced. Neither series has an expected release date as of yet, but 2022 is setting up to be an entertaining year for AMC. 

Anne Rice

Interview with the Vampire (1994) Official Trailer

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