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Folklore (2018): A Review


Folklore is A Macabre Anthology of Cultural Myths

Folklore was first released in 2018. The tales of this macabre anthology cover cultural myth and horrifying lore from several Asiatic regions, including Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. And each segment is undertaken by a different director.

My love for horror anthologies is boundless. Upon discovering a new collection, it becomes a must to check it out. It doesn’t hurt that foreign supernatural films are intriguing. One can glean a trove of information, especially on myth, legend, ghosts, and folklore from foreign horror offerings. Folklore is one of such anthologies currently found streaming on HBO Max.

Folklore’s Six Chilling Tales

Folklore is a lengthy feature. Each episode is like its own little film running about 50 minutes in length. So, one is not likely to finish the collection in one sitting. But a significant mark of any film is good storytelling. Now, having a great story is one thing; however, presenting it well is something else. These stories are captivating.

“A Mother’s Love”

The first story is of a mother who discovers sometimes one must love what they have to keep from losing it. The mother in this segment learns her lesson well. When she finds the depth of her love, nothing can stand against it, be it natural or supernatural.


The second episode is “Tatami,” a Japanese word for a mat. But this story is not about any old mat. Instead, this mat absorbs energies, locking them deep within its fabric. An obsessed journalist takes it upon himself to launch an investigation for a story. What he uncovers is frightening and life-altering.


The third tale is titled “Nobody.” This tale focuses on a work crew seen as nobodies to their managerial staff. In a show of power, management orders some crew members to do the unthinkable. But one worker doesn’t follow the command. Unfortunately, the consequences of his decision are horrifying for all. Unbeknownst to him, he awakens a vengeful entity who is a victim of an atrocious crime.



The fourth feature in the set is simply titled “Pob” and this segment opens most monstrously. This tale deals with a menacing ghost who loses its edge. However, after some struggle the entity regains its mojo. His vanity gets the best of him and he attempts to go on record. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned, so he strikes a deal.


Episode five is titled “Toyol” and is yet another story about a child. In the opening scene, a mother attempts to abandon her child but quickly reconsiders. However, some sinister forces have them in their sights. This story encompasses black magic and the unexpected consequences of seeking dark forces to solve what ails you, with an undead infant as the nucleus.


This episode is titled “Mongdal” and has a most unexpected opening. One thing horror buffs like is a good opening and this episode certainly seals the deal. This story is about a rather odd teen with a deadly obsession. Unfortunately, what he yearns for in life he gets in death, leaving one only to assume maybe the young boy was an evil mastermind. Or perhaps that is only an illusion. But as viewers will discover, he is not the only one touched by madness.

This anthology is an interesting one. Quite a few of the tales move slowly and need a fair amount of attention. There is undoubtedly a creepiness to this collection. Fundamentally, Folklore does not disappoint and is worth at least one watch.

Folklore (2018) Season One Official HBO Trailer

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