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Must-See Horror Movies for 2022

Must-See Horror Movies

Horror Movies Premiering in 2022

The year is rapidly ending and resolutions are in full effect. As we look back, we realize much has changed. However, throughout the year one thing kept us connected: Cinema. As we turn the calendar pages, we also look forward to what’s next.

Films Repackaged and Revived

Not everything in the upcoming year will be new. As most of us know, the movie industry has become infamous for revivals and re-imagining material over the past few years. While some have fallen flat while others have been somewhat surprising. This year movie watchers can expect more of the same but hopefully better results.

Scream (2022)

One of the first offerings of the year is Scream. Filmgoers will scream their way into the new year as January marks the revival of this film favorite. However, this time it’s two and a half decades later but all hasn’t changed. The surfacing of a new killer marks the return of film favorite Sidney, who comes back to unmask the monster once again.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre (2022)

Horror lovers can expect some exciting developments with the return of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre. After a long period away, the Texan terror returns with insatiable bloodlust. The only question is how the story will end?

Halloween Ends (2022)

For fans who did not get enough of Michael Meyers in Halloween Kills (2021), Meyers makes his return in 2022 for one last hurrah, or so they say.

Orphan: First Kill (2022)

While not all may remember, Esther wreaked some serious havoc as the Orphan in 2009. Soon it will be 2022 and Esther is back. Undoubtedly, she’s up to pure evil.

Hellraiser (2022)

Just when we’d seen the last of Pinhead and his crew, along comes 2022, bringing the hell-raising force back.

Jeepers Keepers Reborn (2022)

Nothing was creepier than the organ harvesting monster who roamed the countryside. But, unfortunately, 2022 proves The Creeper isn’t through with his trek of terror.

Firestarter (2022)

After Carrie came another with unspeakable powers, Charlie the Firestarter. The Firestarter was one of Stephen King’s most interesting characters. A cinematic release brought her to the silver screen in 1984. Now In 2022, the world gets to hear her story once more.

Salem’s Lot (2022)

It seems Stephen King’s got quite the year ahead. 2022 will bring not only a re-adaptation of his Firestarter but also Salem’s Lot, Vampire’s, anyone?

Must-See Horror Movies

Something Fresh

One exciting aspect of beginning a new year is looking forward to new things. Nothing kindles interest than a unique and creative horror film. 2022 is chock-full of a lot of promising new movies. There are creative pieces on witches, dolls, biological weapons, and children guaranteeing some rather exciting content.

You Won’t Be Alone (2022)

You Won’t Be Alone comes right when filmgoers thought they’d seen every creative depiction of the rise of witches. However, this one is a bit different. You Won’t Be Alone promises to be a genuinely transformative tale.

Dark Harvest (2022)

Fritz Kiersch taught fans about children who terrorized cornfields many years ago with the film  Children of the Corn (1984). Nevertheless, this tale tells a story of one child with an annual knife to grind.

Prey (2022)

No fan of horror is unfamiliar with the Predator (1987). However, this predator tale takes viewers back to the beginning, giving us a backstory we never asked for but never knew we needed.

M3GAN (2022)

Dolls are some of the creepiest elements in a horror film. Now another joins the ranks of Chucky, Annabelle, Jigsaw, and Brahms. In 2022 we will meet M3GAN, who promises to show how menacing an AI doll can be.

The Lair (2022)

In this tale, viewers take an adventure to a different country where something terrifying is awakened, proving the combination of science and humanity can be truly disastrous.

A Few Under Wraps

One can’t go wrong with the element of surprise and 2022 does not disappoint in this area as there are a few films included on our list with mysterious plots. Everything is hushed except the title. A few are offerings by some well-known directors known for their stellar work in horror. This list includes Nope (2022), Bodies Bodies, Bodies (2022), Time Cut (2022), Devil (2022) and an unnamed Pet Semetary project (2022), to name a few.

So, whether one has a taste for something traditional, different, mysterious, or the normal with a bit of a twist, 2022 has it covered.

Must-See Horror Movies

Jeepers Creepers: Reborn (2022) Official Teaser Trailer

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