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The Best Horror of 2021

Best Horror

Wash Away 2021 With a Blood Bath

At the end of the year, we look back at what made us laugh, cry, think, and love. So now as we inch closer to the end of 2021 we turn the spotlight, highlighting things that made us cower, scream, shake, and reach for the lights.

2021 was a year filled with horrific delights and some misses. This is a celebration of all that was good, and there are quite a few worth remembering.

10. Forever Purge

Number ten goes to Forever Purge (2021). This movie marks the fifth in the installment and it’s quite the film. In this movie, all bets are off. Forever Purge is full of action, even if it doesn’t all make sense. It takes the phrase “killing is my business and business is good” from the film Major Payne (1995) to the next level. While this movie leaves a lot of questions on the table, the film is chock-full of bloody goodness.

9. Army of the Dead

Number nine goes to Army of the Dead (2021). This movie is a satisfying watch, especially for those who love a good film with the undead at the center. Only this group of undead are not your average variety. In fact, it is rumored that they are hybrid creatures. With rationalizing undead with a mission to construct a kingdom of their own at the center, what’s not to like. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that Zac Snyder sat in the director’s chair.

8. Til Death 

Number eight goes to Til Death (2021). Who knew that love and matrimony could be so macabre? This film is wild. A wife who hasn’t been so discreet with her indiscretions finds herself in a predicament she wasn’t ready for. The nightmare all begins when her husband intends to make good on the “til death” vow they made on their wedding day. The intensity builds throughout the film, making it one of the better horror/thrillers of 2021.

7. Halloween Kills 

Halloween Kills (2021) takes the seventh spot. This film is a winner for those who love old-school Michael Meyers and a side of hilarity. In Halloween Kills, Michael is back and in rare form. No one is safe in this movie and if anything, this film teaches a valuable lesson: Be careful who you follow; it might get you killed.

6. Malignant

Number six goes to Malignant (2021). This one is a puzzler of a movie. The viewer spends a good part of the film trying to figure out precisely what is going on. When the pieces seem to fall together, one realizes how much they don’t know. The monstrosity in this film is hideous but adds an element of matchless intrigue. And the twist easily makes this film one of the movies to watch. 

Best Horror

5. Old

Number five goes to Old (2021). This film is an unexpected sentimental tale of terror. A family on the brink of dissolution learns a valuable lesson on an island where time moves at neck-breaking speed. Unfortunately, there is only a sliver of hope for survival. Old is an eye-opening and heartbreaking film. Shyamalan takes a common fear and elevates it making this film a must-watch.

4. Two

Number four goes to Two (2021). Of all the movies in 2021, this film is hands down the most disturbing. It is also weirdly compelling. This film requires an acquired taste. But those who can stomach it will discover how twisted a human being can be.

3. Midnight Mass 

Number three goes to Midnight Mass (2021). Again, this series bends a tropic horror stereotype and presents it with a fresh and cerebral twist. Midnight Mass is an unexpected treat. While it is a slow burn, it is quite the story. The metaphor is powerfully searing and reminds viewers religion can be maddening. The lessons don’t just stop there. Midnight Mass also spotlights the monstrosity that fanaticism can breed.

2. Hellbound

Number two goes to Hellbound (2021). This series is an eye-opener. Hellbound is yet another series that highlights the terror underlying religious fanaticism. More than that, it highlights what actual hell on earth looks like. This is one hundred percent one of those shows that will leave you wide-eyed and slack jawed.

1. Squid Games

The number one spot goes to Squid Games (2021). While some may argue whether this move fits in the horror genre, I say nothing is more horrifying than staking your life on a kid’s game. Squid Games is easily one of the most-watched series of 2021. However, there is a reason for its popularity. This film is unbelievably unrelenting and the director’s feet stay on the gas pedal the entire film.

2021 proved that horror comes in many flavors. Without a doubt, there is more than one way to tell a story. However, while this list is representative of some appealing watches, greatness is always defined by the beholder. So with that said, here’s looking forward to more excellent content in 2022.

Best Horror

Squid Games (2021) Official Netflix Trailer

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