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January 2022


Anna (2021): A Review

AMC+ recently debuted the dystopian drama “Anna” (2021), created and directed by Italian filmmaker and author Niccolò Ammaniti.


Hellarious (2019): A Review

“Hellarious” (2019) is a horror comedy anthology that features seven different stories each by a different director.

Archive 81

Archive 81 (2022): A Review

“Archive 81” is a Netflix original series based off of a podcast of the same name. The series follows an archivist that is hired to restore a collection of old tapes.

Just Beyond

Just Beyond (2021): A Review

This latest R. L Stine inspired anthology of horror stories reveals a different kind of terror all the while exploring aspects of our daily lives and the carelessness of what is popularly considered normal.


Deathcember (2019): A Review

The holiday season is through, yet a decent holiday flick never gets old, especially a frightener. Without a doubt, my excitement for “Deathcember” was uncontainable.