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Mario Bava – The Godfather of Modern Horror

Mario Bava

Director Mario Bava Was Far Ahead of His Time

Mario Bava was an Italian filmmaker whose work goes wildly unrecognized today. Yet, despite this he is seen as the godfather of modern-day horror, having inspired some of cinema’s greatest filmmakers, such as Martin Scorsese, Quinton Tarantino, Ridley Scott, Francis Ford Coppola, and more. Now, in 2022, his story and legacy will be told in a brand-new documentary titled Mario Bava – The Godfather of Modern Horror (2022). The feature will include commentary from some of today’s leading film artists and directors as they take audiences on an odyssey that explores Bava’s wildly creative and rebellious works that revolutionized the horror genre.

Most of Bava’s films struggled to find commercial success during their initial release, but many of them would reach classic cult status in time. Their content and production values are today seen in the same light as that of an Alfred Hitchcock film. His lack of success was partially his own fault, as his shy and self-deprecating demeanor prevented him from seizing opportunities in the film industry that would have furthered his career. It would seem there were doors open for him to achieve the recognition he deserved but his introverted personality prevented him from accepting multiple Hollywood opportunities.

Several of Bava’s films have been noted for their revolutionary impact on their respective genres, such as The Girl Who Knew Too Much is widely seen as the very first Giallo film. Kill, Baby, Kill is said to have heavily influenced the iconography of modern J-horror. His film Roy Colt & Winchester Jack is regarded as the first self-parodying Spaghetti Western film, and his A Bay of Blood is seen as the precursor to the slasher film. You can find some of his films for free on YouTube to see for yourself where modern-day horror got its start. Bava’s films opened the door for many of our favorite films in horror, a genre that would not have come as far as it has today without him. Bava walked so men like Carpenter, Barker, Scorsese, and Copala could run.   

Mario Bava

Mario Bava: The Godfather of Horror is produced by NAOR international, Emmy Winner, Rex Edit, and Heilman Productions. The principal production of Mario Bava – The Godfather of Modern Horror has officially commenced. It will tell the story of Bava’s success and his quiet struggles as the Italian director tried to navigate his way through the film industry. The man constantly fought tight budgets and even tighter deadlines to create works of passion and film that induce a skin-crawling sensation even by today’s standards. Production on the documentary will also feature never before access to one of Bava’s executive producers, Mr. Alfredo Leone, as well as commentary from members of the Bava family who knew the man best.

Alfredo Leone himself serves as co-executive producer on the documentary and had this to say of his beloved friend and long-time co-worker. “He was that far ahead of his time. Genius.” Leone continues, “but the people didn’t recognize that then, it was later, that he became the legend.”

Mario Bava

Kill Baby Kill (1966) Official Original Trailer

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