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The Darkness of the Road (2021): A Review

The Darkness of the Road

The Darkness of the Road Leaves Horror Fans Strapped in Their (Car)seats

Writer and director Eduardo Rodriguez’s film The Darkness of the Road (2021) is unpredictable and spontaneous in all the wrong ways. There are grounds for a potential blockbuster of a movie due to the open-ended storyline and the many complexities that tie it together but, unfortunately, it falls short and lands amongst the countless other B-horror films. 

The Darkness of the Road circles around young mother Siri (Najarra Townsend), and her daughter, Eve (Gwyneth Glover), as they road trip through the desert late at night. Siri stops at a grim gas station and convenience store in the middle of nowhere and here her life would change forever. Soon she would face countless trials and tribulations, drive straight into an oncoming gargantuan storm, and meet several new faces, some of which might not be human. 

With all of the elements of a potentially successful film, it was disappointing to see most of them go to waste. Starting with the storm, leading to humanoid figures, and a missing daughter, the consistency of the storyline is jumbled and incoherent. There are scary moments in the film and moments that could be amazing climaxes, but with so many curveballs and untied ends the story seems like a puzzle with pieces missing. What is the point of finishing a puzzle if the pieces don’t all come together to complete the picture?

Without spoiling the ending, The Darkness of the Road was all too predictable, which made the film feel like an hour-and-twenty-minute waste of time. Although it can be frustrating when viewers finally reach the end of the film, maybe this accounts for the spontaneity and randomness that makes The Darkness of the Road what it is. Maybe there is some kind of purpose behind it, but even then it falls short of delivering those punches in the right places. 

The Darkness of the Road

While there are flaws in The Darkness of the Road, the surprises and jump scares never seem to slow down. There is always something about to happen which keeps the pace of the movie moving at a steady rate, keeping viewers strapped in and waiting for the next scene.

The graphics of the film are also very well put together. The special effects and attention to detail throughout play major parts in the storytelling and the actors, especially Townsend, put on a spectacularly haunting performance. A stronger script and storyline really would have let her shine, but somehow she and Iris (Leah Lauren) find ways to make their roles the best parts of the film. 

An honorable mention is also due to the wonderful aesthetic of the movie. The Darkness of the Road seems to take notes from horror films such as It Follows (2014) and Suspiria (1977), using sharp blue and red hues to portray the emotions behind the characters. Suspiria is described as a horror masterpiece, aesthetically speaking. The different hues of dark blue that fade into nothingness help The Darkness of the Road become that much more ominous, paying respectful homage to the greatness of Suspiria.

The multiple camera angles and changes also lend to the uneasiness of the film, depicting three people in a small, broken-down car in the middle of absolute nothingness. The thought that anyone or anything could be out there in the darkness is enough to keep one’s eyes glued to the screen.

While superb acting and wonderful cinematography come from Eduardo Rodriguez’s The Darkness of the Road, it unfortunately lacks the consistent story and satisfying ending that would drive it to be a masterpiece. Working on the script a little more to solve some major plot holes and nonsensical pieces could tighten up all the loose ends, guaranteeing this movie to be a great success. For now, viewers have what remains as an interesting B-horror movie to watch.

The Darkness of the Road

The Darkness of the Road (2021) Official Trailer

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