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Internet Urban Legends: Horror Podcast

Internet Urban Legends

The Gruesome Twosome Explore Internet Urban Legends

A break from the norm is often necessary when so many authentic horrors draw one’s attention. And in an act of genius, Loey Lane and Eleanor Snitcherty team up to provide much-needed escapism with their horror podcast Internet Urban Legends.

Let the Investigation Begin

Loey Lane and Eleanor Snitcherty entered our podcast sphere spring of 2021 with their enthralling delve into internet urban legends and mysteries. As they refer to themselves, the gruesome twosome made it their mission to bring their listeners quality entertainment as they delve deeper into the unexplained and unexplored. With this team, no stones are left unturned. One expects no less with this dynamic duo.

Who is Loey and Snitchery?

Loey Lane is an evidence expert with a history with the paranormal. Word has it she grew up in a haunted house. Of course, with that firsthand experience, one would put into question her expertise. But, of course, there is always cynicism. So enters Loey’s co-host Snitchery, who is the skeptic on duty, ensuring listeners are getting a well-rounded experience. Together, they bring internet urban legends and mysteries under the spotlight to investigate, confirm, or debunk. Even if listeners don’t leave with a definitive answer, they are guaranteed to leave more informed.

What to Expect

Internet Urban Legends is like a bite-sized snack, with each episode running no more than 25 minutes in length. However, despite the brief run time, each episode is very fulfilling. There’s also the extra delight of a short wait time before the next episode becomes available. Listeners undoubtedly have more to savor with a new episode available every week.

Internet Urban Legends

More About The Internet Legends Podcast

The latest episode aired on January 4th and covered some excellent material dealing with sports curses. One area of focus was the urban gaming legend, The Madden Curse. Remaining faithful to form, the two hosts wasted no time diving into the legend headfirst. Both were able to keep their audience wildly entertained as they proceeded to confirm or debunk the legend while giving some real-life examples. After listening to it all, I can say that there is much left to consider.

As of today, 41 episodes are available to arrest the audience’s attention. Their segments explore topics of varying interest, such as Alexa Nightmares, Sinister Skulls, The Demon Horse, The Mothman, and much more. The content featured on Internet Urban Legends is vast and sure to meet any listener’s fancy.

Where to Find The Gruesome Twosome

All the episodes of Internet Urban Legends are available on Spotify for those interested. And the great thing is there is another segment right around the corner. So, if you have time and want a little jolt with a twist of investigative intrigue, then tune into Internet Urban Legends.

Internet Urban Legends

Internet Urban Legends: The Intruder

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