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January 2022

Just Beyond

Just Beyond (2021): A Review

This latest R. L Stine inspired anthology of horror stories reveals a different kind of terror all the while exploring aspects of our daily lives and the carelessness of what is popularly considered normal.


Deathcember (2019): A Review

The holiday season is through, yet a decent holiday flick never gets old, especially a frightener. Without a doubt, my excitement for “Deathcember” was uncontainable.

You're Next

You’re Next (2011): A Review

“You’re Next” is one of those films that is just cheesy and gory enough to entertain an audience who want a mixture of WTF and characters to root for — or to absolutely hate.

Winter Horror Movies

Five Great Winter Horror Movies

Horror movies are great year round. However, there is something so different and comforting about watching dreary horror movies in the dead of winter.