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January 2022

Until Dawn

Until Dawn (2015): A Review

In “Until Dawn” (2015), players must make difficult choices that will ultimately decide the fate of eight friends stranded at a remote lodge during a snowstorm.


Ghosts (2021): A Review

In “Ghosts”, we follow a couple from New York, Samantha and Jay. They move into an older house they inherited and want to convert into a bed and breakfast.

Psycho Goreman

Psycho Goreman (2020): A Review

Summoned straight from the annals of over-the-top nostalgic camp, “Psycho Goreman” proves itself to be an instant comedy horror classic.

SCP Foundation

The SCP Foundation: A History

You may have seen games on steam with SCP in the title or various references, videos, and bits of lore scattered around websites and forums, but is it exactly?

Mario Bava

Mario Bava – The Godfather of Modern Horror

Mario Bava was an Italian filmmaker whose work goes wildly unrecognized today. Yet, despite this he is seen as the godfather of modern-day horror, having inspired some of cinema’s greatest filmmakers.

Kate Moyer

Kate Moyer Joins Dead Talk Live Jan 10th!

Kate Moyer joins us on our television show, live on Monday, January 10th at 9:30pm Eastern Time! Many fans will certainly be thrilled to see the talent from “Children of the Corn” (2020).