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Scream (2022): A Review


It’s Always Someone You Know

Once again we’ve found our back into Woodsboro, the town that seems to have never ending generations of masked serial killers. Scream (2022) brings us the same meta commentary storyline as the four films before it. Only this time, the story follows a new group of kids, with Sydney Prescott not being the main final girl anymore. 

After her little sister gets brutally attacked by Ghostface, Sam returns to Woodsboro with her boyfriend Richie. Sam soon finds herself to be the next target on Ghostface’s list. Not knowing who she can trust, she enlists the help of Dewey Riley, played by David Arquette. While hesitant at first to risk his life once again, he agrees to help Sam find out who’s under the Ghostface mask.

The group of kids come together to discuss who they think is killing them off, we learn brother and sister, Chad and Mindy, are the niece and nephew of Randy Meeks, the movie buff who knows all about how the killer thinks in the previous Scream (1996) films. 

It seems that Mindy, just like her uncle, is an expert in all things horror. She tells her friends that the killer has to be someone they all know who is re-creating the original storyline while also keeping a connection to the past. Hardcore fans would never accept a new re-make with unfamiliar faces.

After Sam reveals a big secret to the group, the kids figure out that the killer is going after people who have a connection to the original group from the first Scream (1996) movie, or in their universe, the first Stab movie. 

Quickly suspicious of each other, they each have an encounter with Ghostface, with some meeting their end and some surviving. Of course, this makes it much harder to figure out who can and can’t be trusted.

While Dewey is playing an important role in helping to solve these new murders, he is no longer Deputy or a member of the Woodsboro police department. In the film we also find out that he and Gale Weathers, played by Courtney Cox, are no longer a couple. However, the two, along with Sydney Prescott team up to help this new generation of targeted teenagers.


While we love to see the return of Sydney and Gale in this film, it seems that their appearances back in Woodsboro may be the last we see of them. They’ve both moved on with their lives, Gale having a television show and Sydney being a mom. It may be that they’ll no longer be needed. But then again, who really knows what will happen in Woodsboro next?

Like all the Scream films before, the big question on everyone’s mind is, who is under the Ghostface mask? The reveal is so obvious, yet it doesn’t feel overdone. The Scream movies do a good job of making the audience suspicious of everyone. It’s almost impossible to feel one hundred percent sure who the killer, or killers, really are. 

With the events that take place in the film, it wouldn’t be surprising  to see the Scream (1996) franchise continue without the original cast. It seems the torch has been passed to a new generation of Woodsboro teenagers. 

However, like Mindy explains, fans don’t like to see their favorite movies re-done, especially without the familiar faces they’ve come to know and love. Scream (1996) is a franchise that can always be re-made and added to, however, can it really be something we all love without Sydney, Gale, and Dewey? 

In the end, fans might be surprised at who our new Ghostface is, then again, they might not be. But either way, Scream is always fun to watch.


Scream (2022) Final Trailer

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