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They Live in the Grey (2022): A Review

They Live in the Grey

The Mish-Mash Horror Fans Didn't Know They Desired

They Live in the Grey

They Live in Grey, while a puzzler at the beginning, slowly becomes an assortment of some of the genre’s best horror/thriller offerings. However, if given half a chance, viewers will leave with a sense of familiarity. Some say familiarity breeds contentment.

It’s All About Claire

Claire is the centrifugal figure in the film. When viewers are first introduced to Claire, she seems possessed by guilt and her countenance is a constant show of despair. While not fully identified at the beginning, an empty chair for someone named Lucas and birthday cake indicates a tragedy may be the cause of Claire’s deepened state of sorrow.

Bylines Make Way for Headlines

Although a tragedy seems to shape Claire’s course, this is only a byline in the major story. Twenty-two minutes into the film, the astute observer recognizes Claire possesses a supernatural gift. Unfortunately, the gift is not so pleasant and robs Claire of everything. However, the gift becomes not only Claire’s salvation in the end but also that of a little girl she has been assigned to help.

The Hodgepodge They Live in the Grey is

This film is a massive mix of The Sixth Sense (1999), Case 39 (2009), and Ghost Whisperer (2005). It is easy to point out these elements. Once the viewer identifies them, the trajectory of the movie becomes obvious. By the end, the viewer will smile, thinking, “I thought so!” Simultaneously, others might find it trite, too familiar, and done before. But that is the crux of all art, isn’t it?

They Live in the Grey

No Film is Without Weaknesses

The film is a good watch, but there are some weaknesses. This movie jumps around a lot. They Live in the Grey not only has time jumps but location jumps. Unfortunately, the viewer might find themselves a bit confused. Clarity does come later in the film.

Not Fully Fleshed

Some of the storyline elements teased in the movie are not fully fleshed out. There are pieces of the film the viewer might find they wish to know more about. Our Claire has a particularly violent spirit haunting her. Unfortunately, the film never fully explores who he is. There are some other things in the movie that will keep you puzzled. Holding out to the end will answer most if not all questions.

A Jewel

Claire’s character can be annoying. She’s one of the characters you find yourself screaming at the entire film. While that may be a sign of a detestable character, it is also a sign of a good performance. If the actress can take you into the performance to the depth where it moves one to emote, that’s something to write home about. Michelle Krusiec gives a stellar performance here.

The Defining Moment

One particularly poignant moment gives us the purpose behind the title of our film. In a defining moment where Claire’s husband, played by Ken Kirby, exhaustion has become suffocating, he says, “I can’t live in the grey anymore!” which serves as a double entendre. Claire herself has not only been living in the grey (in between), the ghosts which she senses also live in the grey.

Abel and Burlee Vang’s They Live in the Grey is good. If you find the paranormal exciting and love drama and human-interest stories, then this movie is for you. They Live in the Grey can be found streaming on Shudder.

They Live in the Grey

They Live in the Grey (2022) Official Shudder Trailer

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