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Fresh (2022): A Review


A Complicated Palate

Fresh is a dark comedy horror thriller that explores the complexity and frustrations of modern dating from mainly the female perspective. The movie follows a woman named Noa who meets a man named Steve at a grocery store, but there is more to Steve than meets the eye.

I found this movie to be completely and utterly terrifying. Not a lot really gets to me, but it’s been almost a week and this movie is still on my mind. Fresh tells a very powerful and compelling narrative that at its core is chilling.

Throughout its runtime, Fresh uses the power of suggestion very well and that is when this movie shines and also becomes the most visceral and more realistic. This is something that really gets under your skin as a viewer. Stories where the charming and unsuspecting person is threatening feel very real and therefore scary because it is plausible.

The first 40 minutes play like a rom com and I honestly thought I put the wrong movie on. Rather, the movie takes its time to set up the plot and present the twist. I thought that the movie used the first 40 minutes very well and the pacing moves along perfectly. There is quite a lot to establish about Noa’s life, Steve, her best friend Mollie, and all the interesting payoffs that make Fresh feel extremely satisfying at the end of the two hour runtime.


I also appreciated the original story and ending, two things that can make or break enjoyment of a movie. Other stories similar to this do exist in horror media, but this movie is very modern and presents a lot of its ideas and themes very well and is clear in its message. I would love to see a follow up or sequel. I believe that there is enough of a story to potentially dive deeper into the world. Fresh is definitely rewatchable, as knowing the twist and having already seen how the story plays out can elevate future viewings. For example, elements like subtle dialogue and events can add more depth. 

Sebastian Stan is a great lead as Steve. Daisy Edgar-Jones is a great lead in this story as well, but Sebastian Stan has to do a lot. He has to be likable, but threatening enough for the twist to pay off and work. He reminded me a lot of Joe from You. Steve is a frighteningly menacing presence. 

Noa’s best friend Mollie, played by Jojo T Gibbs is a great addition. Of course, Mollie is very skeptical of Steve and adds a lot of the humor to the film. Their friendship is a shining light in a very bizarre and unsettling movie. I would love to see more of Mollie and her story. 

Overall, Fresh has a very clear message that is as relevant as ever. This is an extremely unsettling movie that will stay with you. This is also a very good and original movie. Fresh is available for streaming on Hulu. 


Fresh (2022) Official Hulu Trailer

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