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The Deep House (2021): A Review

The Deep House

Sharks, Piranhas, Eels, and…Ghosts?

It is not the first thing I think of when I hear the word “thalassophobia”, either, but according to The Deep House (2021), it is very possible to stumble across metaphysical life forms on an underwater excursion.

The film begins with a young couple, Tina and Ben, embarking on a trip to France where they find a ghost town on the cusp of an ultimate deep-diving adventure for their next travel vlog. Right off the bat, it is clear that Ben is more eager than Tina when it comes to online clout, but they quickly find out that may be to their disadvantage when a sketchy local is the only one to provide guidance to a nearby lake where a sunken house lies unattended. Soon enough, it is a race against time as Tina and Ben try to make the trip in less than a couple hours with one oxygen tank per person. 

I could not help but feel impressed by the undertaking of an underwater-themed horror film that did not involve any sharks or ghost ships. The Deep House was indeed filmed completely underwater in Belgium, with directors Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo claiming it takes “up to three times longer” to shoot just about anything because of this. A whole new system of shooting and gaining wi-fi access to see playback was a challenge that forced the crew to work in other fields that most would not think applies to filmmaking. 

The Deep House

It is twice as hard to monitor when the directors and supervisors were not allowed to enter the water. It took eight-to-ten-hour days shooting underwater, according to Maury and Bustillo, with actors (including eleven-year-old free-diver Carolina Massey) working in time-restricted conditions due to oxygen provisions. If not for the talent, then the extreme creativity does this film truly deliver something unfamiliar.  

All the same, I would say that the finished product did not produce enough of a scare factor to it that could distract me from trying to figure out basic physics of density and water pressure within the house. Certainly, if you find claustrophobia and the unknowns of aquatic life to be terrifying, there is something in it that delivers a shock factor. Though, if it is a linear storyline and characters to root for that appeals to you, then I would recommend passing this film by. Missing children, possible cult activity, and pickled body parts? There did not seem to be a rhyme or reason for any of it, other than that a psychotic French family once occupied the house in the mid-twentieth century. 

For audiences taking a look into a beach or lakeside vacation anytime soon, maybe hold off on this one until you get back! Perhaps, think twice about approaching any potentially haunted structure that you might see while swimming in your favorite lakes or oceans. The Deep House is available for free on Hulu, as well as rental platforms like Amazon Prime and Vudu.

The Deep House

The Deep House (2021) Official Trailer

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