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Till Death (2021): A Review

Till Death

Till Death Do Us Part

Till Death, directed by S.K. Dale stars Megan Fox and follows her left handcuffed to her dead husband as part of a revenge plot. She cannot remove the handcuffs, so she must do everything in order to survive when two killers arrive to finish her off. 

I did not know what to expect going into this movie, but it was a very solid thriller with some bloody and entertaining action. I enjoyed it due to its more simple plot. Also, Megan Fox is great as the lead in this story. There is action, a good twist, and decent villains. 

The story is compelling and Emma’s history is interesting. She is conflicted in her life, but is enthralling. She actually does smart things to throw off the killers throughout the film. I found it interesting how her husband became both literal and figurative dead weight. Her having to deal with his body the whole time added something different to this story. However, I would have loved even more detail about her marriage, mindset, and life.

Till Death is an hour and a half and the pacing is fine. It does start off a bit slow, but when the story picks up it becomes much more engrossing. The beginning almost deterred me, but there is a lot to set up so things make more sense later. I do not have a problem with that, but the first act did ultimately drag a bit too much. On the flip side the ending felt satisfying enough, but honestly a bit abrupt.

Till Death

I appreciated how this was an original story. It felt very fresh and stand alone. The climax of the film was great as well as everything begins to boil over. 

The snowy location adds to the isolation along with feelings of being trapped and desperate. I would go as far as considering this even light survival horror. Another thing Till Death does great is putting a focus on the one location with few characters trope. Emma is essentially fighting for her life nearly the whole movie. 

Till Death does a very good job of building up the tension throughout especially when the villains are introduced, Mark is dead, and Emma must use her wit to get out of the situation. 

Till Death takes the idea of girl power but makes it subtle. The message does not feel very in your face but the themes and statements are there. Emma also leans toward being more morally gray and is not perfect which makes everything feel much more realistic. Emma having to drag Mark around pretty much the entire time adds all much to the story. She literally has a whole body she must deal with which in a way helps with her survival. 

All in all, Till Death is a good and very watchable thriller with well done action. I would recommend this if you have popcorn and some friends handy. Megan Fox is fantastic and the movie is entertaining.

Till Death is available for streaming on Netflix.

Till Death

Till Death (2021) Official Trailer

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