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Archive 81 Gets The Boot

Archive 81 Cancelled

"Archive 81" Gets Cryptically Canceled

Thursday fans of the Netflix horror thriller Archive 81 got a rude awakening. They will no longer be getting a season two. For fans, it’s an extreme disappointment but for some, it isn’t so unexpected. Many know that it doesn’t take much for Netflix to give a show the ax. An individual only needs to look at the plethora of shows that have been canceled, leaving fans salty. But, then sometimes, there is a legitimate reason for that cancellation, although fans may somewhat disagree.

Off to The Races

Archive 81, created by Rebecca Sonnenshine, began streaming on Netflix in January of 2022. Admittedly, it had promise. The concept seemed fresh and the show was thick with intrigue, a near-perfect recipe for success. However, not all things that start well end well. Sometimes lightning strikes, and other times comets decimate. Unfortunately, Archive 81 fall was quick and unexpected. 

Out of the Blue

The news of the cancellation came out of the blue and no one quite knows why. With Netflix, not everything strictly follows a formula. There is always so much content to choose from and it doesn’t help that there is always a line of other shows queued to take another’s place. This decision seems to be a mystery equal to the one Archive 81 presented. Sadly, at this point, neither will be solvable. 

What did Archive 81 do Right?

Archive 81 is beautifully cryptic and the series builds nicely. The mystery at the core of Archive 81 is quite deep and intense. Each episode amps up the creepiness, giving the viewers more scintillating truths to uncover. Of course, things get weirder however that plays nicely into the plot. There are so many horror elements; hauntings, possessions, and elements of cultism. It seems to move at an incredible pace to the show’s credit. So this leaves an open-ended question, why?

Archive 81 Cancelled

What did Archive 81 do Wrong?

As of now, there is no rationale as to why Archive 81 was canceled. The cast and creator were as surprised by the news as viewers. Here is a statement from the creator:

“We’re surprised and disappointed that we won’t be doing another season (we had cool new stories/found footage/Kaelego-lore planned). I hope you’ll remember us well!”

Netflix and Cancellations

Typically, cancellations are relegated to poor viewership. When there is not enough interest to sustain a show, the show is dropped. However, in the case of Archive 81 it ended up in the top ten on Netflix, and according to a source, also made it into the Nielsen top ten. How does a series that rates so high get cut so short? And who knows? Unfortunately, this is not the only time such has occurred with a series on Netflix and will not be the last. 

The Sum of the Matter

For now, there is much to discuss, however even a healthy debate will not change the fact that fans will be left without a conclusion to a budding favorite. Of course, there is always the option of petitioning for another season, though petitioning hasn’t worked out too well in the past. So with that, we say sayonara to another promising show that fell a little short of glory.

Archive 81 Cancelled

Archive 81 (2022) Official Netflix Trailer

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