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Umma (2022): A Review


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Umma, written and directed by Iris Shim (Requiem for a Robot, H7N3) is a thriller about a woman who lives on a farm who has recently lost her mother. While things seem fine, things take a turn when her mother’s ashes arrive from Korea. 

Sandra Oh (Greys Anatomy, Sideways, and many more) plays Amanda, a woman who seems to love her quiet life on her farm. When things start to go south after the arrival of the ashes of her mother, Oh’s acting chops are very apparent. As the events of the story escalate, so do the heavy emotions that Amanda experiences. Sandra Oh, who is known for her Golden Globe- winning role as Dr. Christina Yang on the long-running medical drama, Greys Anatomy, shows just with her facial expressions that she is truly an amazing actress and can perform in any genre. The acting from Oh is not only amazing, but it pairs very well with the suspensefulness of the overall film.

Furthermore, the suspense of the film paired with its score helps the escalating problem of the film. The lurking feeling of each scene helps build suspense to the horrible events that occur after Amanda’s mother arrives in her urn. In these scenes, the lighting, the score, the sound effects, and the acting all blend together perfectly to make what I saw to be an almost perfect thriller with a perfect twist of events. What really helped all of these elements come to life was the writing and the directions that were put into the script by Sam Raini, creator and director of HBO’s, Euphoria. 


The writing of the script of the film is phenomenal. What makes it even better is that it has the same script quality of the hit HBO series, Euphoria, as this film was written by its creator, Sam Raini. Raini, who is known for the dramatic, yet realistic scripts of Euphoria very much applies this style of writing to the script of Umma to help the character of Amanda come more alive in every scene. The script writing from Rani along with the directing from Shim help make this a beautifully written thriller that deserves recognition from critics when it comes out in theaters later this month. 

An element that was interesting to me about this film was that it was a horror film that was realistic and dealt with realistic issues. In the film, Amanda, who has just lost her mother, deals with grief, something not typically seen in horror films. During the film, we see the character of Amanda deal with these emotions as a way to heal, but when things get harder due to what lurks in the ashes, the emotions that we go through with Amanda get heavier and heavier with each turn. What Sandra Oh does so beautifully as an actress is that she does not hold her emotions back and instead helps us understand what she is going through, which is beautiful and a great way to heal from an event like this.

I am a big fan of the film and hope audiences that love thrillers will see it in theaters March 2022, because oh my gosh, it was phenomenal!


Umma (2022) Official Trailer

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