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Scream 6: What Needs to Happen

Scream 6

What We Hope Scream 6 Delivers

Now that die-hard fans have watched 2022’s Scream, fans want several boxes checked off for Scream 6. After all, a “requel” needs a sequel! 

Praised by critics and applauded by audiences, the newest Scream was a creative nod to the 1996 flick that started it all. The characters, both legacy and newbies, are even smarter, more cunning, and overall, more daring than those in the preceding films simply because they’ve “seen this movie before”. 

The untitled Scream 6, which was just given a March 2023 release date, doesn’t have a cast set in stone yet. But leading lady Neve Campbell has been “approached” about the script, as she told People following Scream 2022’s January release. The only problem is fans don’t know if she’ll sign on to reprise her role as Sidney Prescott for the sixth time. 

“I’ll read the script and see how I feel,” she told the outlet, regarding the first draft she was handed. 

Whether or not she returns, horror enthusiasts are dying (no pun intended) to see a step up from the recent bloodbath that was the fifth installment. Here are details that the fandom wants in the next movie. 

More Screen Time for Legacy Characters

This critique was expected, as we barely saw our front runners until about 40 to 45 minutes into the story. While fans enjoyed this fresh take on the satirical franchise, they want the original faces to have more than just a slice of the cake for the sixth installment. 

Since Sam and Sidney are now pretty well acquainted with each other, many viewers proposed that the next movie should include Sidney more. Since Sam has visions of her deceased serial killer father, Billy Loomis, perhaps audiences could see Sidney explore some of her own nightmares and visions. After all, she’s been dealing with multiple Ghostfaces for 25 years. That trauma doesn’t just go away now that she’s out of Woodsboro. 

As for Gale, she has to grieve the loss of her ex-husband. And while he’s long gone, fans have learned that flashbacks, visions or old video tapes are the perfect way to bring back a dead character. From Randy’s videotapes in Scream 3 to Billy’s reappearances around his daughter, some fans would love to see Dewey’s face in some form, and better yet, how Gale is dealing with his absence. 

Stu and Kirby’s Return (In Some Form)

Aside from the OGs, Stu Macher became the talk of the town because horror fans technically didn’t see him die the same way as Billy did: double tapped because “they always come back”. 

Sidney made sure her horrible ex was gone in 1996 and Scream 2022 showed the same image with Richie’s killer accomplice, Amber, getting shot by Tara. But what about Stu? We never saw Sidney completely finish him off, though the TV electrocution was arguably enough to end him. However, many fans and actor Matthew Lillard himself have theorized some interesting concepts about Stu, including that he was still alive and doing time in prison.

Scream 6

Stu’s comeback might not be impossible. And now that Skeet Ulrich’s Billy came back for several psychological apparitions in 2022, the door may still be open for Stu too, whether it be alive, in a flashback, through an old video or as a ghost. 

As per the Scream 4 requests, Hayden Panettiere’s Kirby should make a comeback too. We saw Charlie stab her in the gut in 2011 but we’ve also seen Sidney, Gale and even Sam survive a gut stab. While it depends where exactly a victim is knifed, viewers only saw Kirby go down — not die right away. 

The attraction toward this badass character is her interesting persona. Being the stereotypical popular girl and also scary movie fanatic was a complete paradox in the Scream universe. And as a female horror nerd, Kirby introduced us to a more ambiguous archetype of the “Randy” for the fourth installment, which was then, of course, followed by the brilliant Mindy in the fifth Scream

Who knows? Perhaps both Mindy and a grown-up Kirby could be friends and become an asset tag team in taking down the next Ghostface.  

More Ghostface-Sounding Phone Calls

As a common critique from countless fans, Ghostface’s phone calls sounded noticeably different from all the other flicks. Take the first phone call with Tara, for instance — “Do you want to play a game.” While some audiences thought of Saw right away, others expressed confusion over this new Ghostface’s choice of words. 

Despite how “the voice” is likely to change throughout this ongoing franchise, several fans weren’t concerned about the tone, but rather the phrases. After all, Richie and Amber were so fixated on the previous killers, surely they could have done their homework to get the “What’s your favorite scary movie?” line right. 

A Different Setting

As one of the most common debates, a significant portion of the fandom wants the sequel to take place somewhere else. 

Many cited redundancy, whereas others pointed out the layout of both Scream 2 and 3 — which were set at a university and in Hollywood, respectively — as a strong blueprint for Scream 6. 

Nevertheless, most Scream followers don’t have a specific preference for a setting. But a few have mentioned that it could be interesting to see a new trilogy form in the same way that the first three flowed. If Scream 6 takes on a similar format as Scream 2, then we could see Sam’s sister, Tara, attend college. And what could be better than seeing a slash-worthy undergraduate experience?

Scream 6

Scream (2022) Official Trailer

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