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David Cronenberg Working on New Film!


Classic Cronenberg Horror in a Not-So-Far-Off Future

David Cronenberg may very well be one of the most original and authentic directors to have ever touched the film medium, and we can now announce that he has a new film in the works. Crimes of the Future is a new sci-fi film that will look into the not-so-distant future of mankind as it adapts into an increasingly developing synthetic environment. This unique evolution sees man move beyond its natural state, finding its biological make-up changed forever in a form of metamorphosis. The people of this time have two views on this adaptation. Some choose to embrace it for all its worth, while some seek to control and police it. Either way, there is no stopping the change from coming.  

One of the proponents embracing Accelerated Evolution Syndrome is a performance artist named Saul Tenser. Due to the syndrome, he’s found himself with new organs, and with the help of his partner Caprice, has made their removal a grand performance for his followers. In doing so he catches the attention and imagination of a wide audience, which includes the government. From the birth of his showing, he starts to consider the most astounding performance for all to see.

This interesting yet gruesome new vision from the Baron of Blood definitely aligns with his other notable works in horror. His classic The Fly famously showcased his grotesque practical effects style that fans have come to know and love. The same vile imagery can be seen across some of his other films as well. The Brood is a notable film in which we see that prosthetics at the right time can deliver the amplest effect in the viewing experience. Based on the description for Crimes of the Future, it’s not hard to deduce that he will be implementing his disturbing brand of special effects for this new feature. It’s also worth noting, for anyone who’s wondering, that despite this film being named the same as his 1970 film, it will not be a remake at all, but a completely original story.


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As stated above, many fans may know of Cronenberg’s films from his work in horror. The Fly may potentially be his most notable, but other recognizable films with his signature style include The Brood, Rabid, which was remade in 2019, and Scanners. However, despite his place in horror royalty, his most critically acclaimed work comes perhaps from his films outside of the genre. His 2005 thriller A History of Violence is one of his highest budgeted and most accessible films to date.

Another notable picture is Eastern Promises. Although the film was not a financial success, it was critically praised and earned its star Viggo Mortensen, one of Cronenberg’s most frequent collaborators, an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. For fans of his more dramatic and thrilling films, they can check out his works from the 2010s, which include Cosmopolis, which stars Robert Pattinson, another frequent collaborator, Maps of the Stars, A Dangerous Method, and Crash (1996).

David Cronenberg primarily films his movies in Canada, in his home state of Ontario, with a few exceptions seeing him leave the country for shoots. He has also appeared as an actor in other director’s projects, mostly in a cameo capacity. However, he has played major roles in the films Nightbreed (1990) and Last Night. He can also be seen in front of the camera in his own projects as well, but again, those are only cameo appearances.

Crimes of the Future does not yet have a release date, but the cast has been revealed. Viggo Mortensen will be teaming with Cronenberg once again as Saul Tenser, while Lea Seydoux will play his assistant Caprice. Other notable names include Kristen Stewart as a character named Timlin and Scott Speedman as Lang Daughtery. When the film does release, be sure to check back here for an official review.


Crimes of the Future (2022) Official Trailer

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