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Martha Is Dead (2022): A Review

Martha is Dead

Hijacked Identity

Martha Is Dead is a harrowing first-person psychological thriller published by Wired Productions. Set in 1994 Italy, this game blurs the lines between reality, superstition, and the tragedy of war. Martha Is Dead follows the main character, Giulia, who has been tormented by childhood trauma her entire life. The notorious Martha is Giulia’s twin, and it is discovered that she was favored by their mother because of her hearing disability. In hopes of earning her mother’s affection, Giulia engulfs Martha’s identity after finding her dead in the lake. This story, while immersive, is brutal due to the unnerving events that occur. The developers perfectly captured the use of graphic images that can easily upset or perplex the player to keep the tone steady.

I can confirm that Martha Is Dead is a multi-layered narrative experience. While immersing the tragic loss of Martha, the game also explores the psychological undertones of a dark period of history. A barbaric raging war is escalating as Giulia is searching for the truth about her sister’s death, all the while withholding her own dark secrets. Growing up with the nanny, she was often told stories about The Lady – a malicious spirit who was drowned by her lover and seeks revenge on innocent women that happen to cross her path. To find answers about her sister’s supposed murder, Giulia unlocks symbols and uses tarot cards to summon The Lady.

Giulia is a compelling and slightly maniacal character throughout the story, which bodes well for the grim concept. Her voice acting suits her character and circumstances that she confronts quite well. The dialogue complements the narrative that is planted from the start. We witness the deterioration of Giulia’s mind and the upbringing she was plagued by. The more we learn about Giulia, the less she remembers about the day her sister died. Martha Is Dead initiates pitying Giulia and her unfair treatment from her mother but ends with a surprise that changes our minds completely. We are soon appalled by her actions, behavior, mentality, and dialogue before the game finishes.

Martha is Dead

One aspect that I enjoyed while playing this game was the exposure to photography. It is introduced as Giulia’s hobby that conducts her sheer pleasure. As the storyline progresses, however, it is essential in advancing and discovering the plot. What intrigued me about this element the most is that you can develop the photos you capture in an actual darkroom. Another feature I appreciate is the authentic Italian soundtrack. The music is deeply evocative and atmospheric, providing us with a moody yet gripping impression. Every room in the house where most of the game is set is beautifully detailed and designed with diligence.

The general feel of Martha Is Dead is enveloped by swelling tension. Mystery shrouds the truth about Martha’s death, their parent’s behavior, a stolen identity, memory lapses that Giulia encounters, and how the war unfolds. This game is anything but predictable with all the twists and turns. It’s the shockingly detailed horror scenes and distressing content that accurately defines the game. It is, however, important to consider the reason for the Mature rating in this game before playing. There are triggering situations, such as: child abuse, animal abuse, mental health issues, abortion, miscarriage, suicide, hanging, and self-harm. While these themes are ominously provoked, I found them to be crucial to the game’s chain of events.

Personally, I would recommend Martha Is Dead to those who can handle disturbing circumstances and thoroughly enjoy thrillers. I was continuously stimulated by this game because of its’ methods of piecing information together in various forms. The storyline was unsettling, entrancing, unique, and brilliant. This game leaves an everlasting impression even after choosing to pursue other series or projects. I find it to be incomparable, which held my attention even more during the whole experience. The individuality is both evident and enthralling. When and if you are interested, Martha Is Dead will share its haunting and painful story.

Martha is Dead

Martha is Dead (2022) Official Playstation Reveal Trailer

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