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Horror Movies Sealed with a Curse


Cursed on And Off Screen

Horror films are made for entertaining and inciting fear, but the viewer goes home and leaves the nightmares behind. Rarely is the experience of the cast an afterthought. Few and far between are the times when fans consider what the actors and production team might go through to deliver genuine horror. The truth is always an eye-opener. Not all roads to production have been easy. In fact, in providing some of the scariest horror films in history, the road has led to personal horrors and even death.

With knowledge, a few films worthy of mention are Rosemary’s Baby, The Omen, Poltergeist, The Crow, Curse of Emily Rose, and The Conjuring. These films, which are unique in plot, share macabre connections. Performers have either been touched by the supernatural or succumbed to an unearthly fate. 

Poltergeist (1982)

Steven Spielberg introduced the film Poltergeist to theatergoers in 1982. For its time, it was spooky, however many do not realize that the creepiness was not relegated to on camera alone. The mother, played by JoBeth Williams, admitted to strange occurrences during the filming. When she would come home every night after filming, the pictures on her wall would be askew. However, despite the creepiness, she tried to convince herself there could be an explanation other than paranormal. Unfortunately, there is no proof in that pudding.

Sadly, the experience ended in a fate worse than an apparent haunting for some. Heather O Rourke, star of Poltergeist, died at 12 after filming the third installment of Poltergeist. There seem to be few connections between the film and Rourke’s death. However, Rourke was not the only one to succumb to a less than desirable fate after filming. Two other cast members died after the release of the sequel. The accumulation of events was more than enough to lend to the possibility of a cursed project.

The Crow (1994)

The Crow was another such movie where it is rumored a curse is linked. Brandon Lee was cast in the starring role. The darkness of the part seemed to be a larger omen than anyone imagined. Brandon Lee died in an unfathomable accident on the set, getting shot in the stomach. Some would undoubtedly chalk the incident up to an accident after all accidents happen. However, the events are more ominous than one might imagine in this case. According to a source, Lee felt his family was cursed and preeminently called out his death.

The Conjuring (2013)

The Conjuring franchise is based on a factual account of two paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren. As scary as the screenplays, what happened to the titular characters while filming is even more alarming. The actress who played Lorraine Warren admits to a very nightmarish experience. The actress once recounted how she was greeted with the appearance of digital claw marks upon accepting the role. Unbelievably she experienced the appearance of these marks more than once, not to mention also seeing the marks appear on her thighs at one point. With no natural way to explain the happening, she agreed that something eerie was going on.

Patrick Wilson, who played Lorraine’s husband on The Conjuring, relays his terrifying experience on the set. Before the incident, he considered himself a skeptic. After, he was sure his house was haunted.


Rosemary’s Baby (1968) 

Rosemary’s Baby is hands down one of the most ominously terrifying movies of its time, focusing on the birth of the antichrist. Unfortunately, while many enjoyed the film, very few realized what some cast members experienced in bringing this nightmare to fruition.

More than a few members of the cast of Rosemary’s Baby fell prey to an ill-fated accident or a curse, as some may contend. The composer fell to his death. The producer fell prey to life-threatening kidney issues. And the director Roman Polaski lost his wife and unborn child to a gruesome murder perpetrated by the Manson family. The leading lady also had a cross to bear. Farrow underwent a harrowing experience. She was made to eat chicken liver despite being revolted and she had the extra humiliation of being served divorce papers during filming.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)

Cast members of The Exorcism of Emily Rose experienced some strange phenomena during the filming of their film as well. Laura Linney and Jennifer Carpenter both reported experiencing ghosts in the machine. With Carpenter, the radio turned on by itself, and with Linney, it was the television. Although attempts were made to explain it away somehow, the justifications didn’t hold water.

The Omen  (1976)

The Omen takes second place for its nightmarish screenplay. Like Rosemary’s Baby, the cast’s suffering led many to believe the film was cursed. First, Gregory Peck lost his son before production. Next, he and the executive producer’s airplane were struck by lightning, and an animal handler was attacked. Finally, an assistant in the special effects crew lost their head. As a source notes,  

“John Richardson was beheaded in a car crash near a road sign that read “Ommen, 66.6 km.”

And that was not the only thing that happened.

Rarely is the focus on what it takes to strike the deepest fear in fans. Perhaps the rationale is that knowledge would open Pandora’s Box. Because it’s simply unpleasant and in some cases, horrifying, and once the information is out, people would be happier if everything was stuffed back in. So the lingering question is and always shall be, what is the price of entertainment?


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