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Easter Eggs in the Saw Franchise

Easter Eggs

Every Easter Egg Spanning the Franchise

Being a horror fan is fun, especially when writers and directions plant fun homages and clues in their films. This list focuses on the Saw franchise, which tells a convoluted, long, interesting, and involved story. This list barely scratches the surface of all the deeper meaning and lore. Such a long running, layered franchise has many Easter eggs and hidden secrets. The whole series is available on Prime video. Highly recommend this series if you like drama, twists, mystery, a large connected story, compelling characters, and interesting philosophical takes on human nature. 

Saw (2004)

  • Jigsaw can be heard coughing on Dr. Gordon’s tape which is a clue to his identity. Dr. Gordon has already met John Kramer.
  • In the hospital flashback John has plans for the reverse bear trap in front of him.
  • There is a message on Amanda’s cell wall during her test that reads “if you try to keep your life for yourself you will lose it, but if you can give your life to me you will find true life.” This was likely for her call mate, Donnie.
  • Adam was supposed to be able to escape. He loses the key at the beginning of the movie and he is not shown  in the bathroom game diagram.


Saw II (2005)

  • Jigsaw says Daniel is “in a safe and secure state” hinting to his location.
  • The assistant in the beginning has a limp.
  • Amanda has likely already been given the antidote because she never shows signs of sickness like the others.
  • Amanda wakes up in the same position as John in the bathroom game. 
  • Many items from the house can be seen in Jigsaw’s lair when he is talking to Detective Matthews, hinting at the twist. 


Saw III (2006)

  • Leigh Whanell’s final installment. 
  • There are hints Lynn and Jeff are married. 
  • The key Amanda wears is likely the key to Corbett.


Saw IV (2007)

  • Hoffman is shown holding Corbett’s stuffed animal.
  • The figure Cecil steals at the parade can be found in Saw III in the makeshift hospital room. 
  • Happening at the same time as Saw III, a clue being when Hoffman is told “another doctor went missing at the hospital.” This is in reference to Lynn Denlon. 
  • First film where the pig masks are explained. 
Easter Eggs

Saw V (2008)

  • The cube trap is set up well because in Saw IV, Strahm is always fiddling with his pen.
  • When Jill watches the tape John made her, it is clear that he is in the makeshift hospital room from Saw III.
  • First sighting of Pamela Jankins during Hoffman’s promotion.
  • Another figure from the festival/ makeshift hospital room can be seen.
  • The pig ornament from Jeff Denlon’s study can be seen in the lair room.


Saw VI (2009)

  • Scream Queens winner Tanedra Howard won a role for this film. She is Simone in the opening trap. 
  • First installment in the series where John appears as himself to state the rules of a game.
  • There is a post credits scene where Amanda tells Corbett not to trust Hoffman. 


Saw 3D (2010)

  • Bobby’s S.U.R.V.I.V.E acronym phrases can be seen throughout his game in different rooms.
  • Cameos in the Jigsaw survivor support group include Dr. Gordon, Scott Mallick, Simone, Addy, Emily, Tara Abbott, Brad, Ryan, and Sidney.
  • As Hoffman is looking for Jill and enters the evidence room, there is a collection of newspaper headlines and many parts of other traps, notably being an original reverse bear trap 
  • Brad and Ryan are the two pig masks that accompany Dr. Gordon.


Jigsaw (2017)

  • A big hint to the twist is the set of victims never mention Jigsaw or the games because they do not know who he is yet.
  • Eleanor’s leopard print jacket reflects her secret hobby.
  • The plastic dividers between the rooms are the same as Saw III and IV.
  • The past timeline takes place in 2003, predating Saw.
  • Haloran had the same figure.


Spiral (2021)

  • William Schenk’s fate not being fully shown is a foreshadowing to the ending. 
  • During the investigation, there is a picture of John’s autopsy, Obi, Addison, other articles, and Billy the puppet on the board.
  • When Zeke and Will enter the apartment building to question the drug dealer, there is a green tint. An homage to previous films’ color palettes.
Easter Eggs

Spiral (2021) Official Trailer

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