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Road Trip Themed Horror Films

Road Trip

Road Tripping Through Horror

It’s getting warmer and summer is just around the corner! Whether you’re going on a road trip yourself or having a staycation, here are some movies about road trips. If you do go on a road trip, always be aware of your surroundings….you never know!

Wolf Creek (2005)

A group of tourists traveling through the Australian outback get stranded after their car won’t start in Wolf Creek National Park. After meeting Mick Taylor, their vacation goes from a scenic sightseeing trip to a nightmare. Available for streaming on Tubi and Prime video. I’d recommend this if you like slashers, dark humor, or a little survival horror.

Southbound (2015)

An anthology that centers around a group of travelers on a stretch of desert highway. Available for streaming on Hulu, Prime Video, and Tubi. I’d recommend this if you like the desert aesthetic, connected anthologies, mystery, and a little humor.

Rest Stop (2006)

While on a road trip, a couple decides to stop at a rest stop. After having an encounter with a yellow truck, strange things begin to happen. Available for streaming on Prime video. I’d recommend this if you like psychological stories, early 2000’s horror, or fun, cheesy films.

No Vacancy (2012)

A group of friends on a road trip break down near a rest stop motel, but find a group of people that will help repair their car. They decide to stay overnight, but it becomes clear that they should have tried their luck elsewhere. Available for streaming on Tubi and Prime video. I’d recommend this if you like thrillers, Saw type stories, or tension filled films. 

Road Trip

Vacancy (2007)

A married couple’s car breaks down and just as they think they’re stranded, they come across a motel. However, the motel is not all that it seems and becomes much more sinister. Available for streaming on Tubi and Prime video. I’d recommend this if you like thrillers, tension, and rooting for characters in life or death situations.

Downrange (2017)

A group of friends on a road trip are stranded after a tire blowout. They quickly become targets for a mysterious sniper. Available for streaming on Prime video and Shudder. I’d recommend this if you like mysteries, survival horror lite, high tension action thrillers, or well done visual effects. 

The Hills Have Eyes (1977) and (2006)

On a road trip, a family’s RV breaks down in the middle of the desert and they are not alone. Available for streaming on Tubi, Prime video, and Shudder. An iconic Wes Craven film with what I believe to be a very good remake. I’d recommend these if you’re looking for something a bit older, a good early 2000’s horror remake, or a unique story. Revisit the original or enjoy the remake if you’ve never seen it or it’s been a while. 

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) and (2003)

A group of friends that are road-tripping cross through Texas and pick up a hitchhiker. They then come across an abandoned house and meet a very interesting family. Available for streaming on Netflix, Prime Video, and Tubi. Of course an iconic slasher film. A lot of their problems could be solved if they didn’t stop for the hitchhiker, but then we wouldn’t have the iconic Leatherface. Another, in my opinion, very good early 2000’s horror remake. Many installments and timelines exist, but I’d recommend these if you like slashers, tension, more realistic horror, 70’s horror, or early 2000’s horror.

Road Trip

Downrange (2017) Official Shudder Trailer

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