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Sweet Home (2020): A Review

Sweet Home

At Green Home, Things Escalate Quickly

Sweet Home is a monster fest. Never have I seen such a display of grotesque beings in all shapes and forms. The creativity of this series alone earns it major kudos.

The Delivery of a Masterful Work

Sweet Home is a 2020 South-Korean drama, fantasy, and horror streaming on Netflix that boasts an impressive 7.3/10 on IMDB. Indeed, it must be said, Young-woo Jang, Eung-bok Lee, and Sohyun Park put together a masterful must-see tale.

The Nucleus Cha Hyun-Su

Cha Hyun-Su is Sweet Home‘s primary character. The film follows his evolution of sorts, an arc that personifies a herculean zero to hero tale. And, of course, we are talking about guts and glory.

It starts as a tale of woe for Hyun-Su. He is seconds away from deciding to jump. Then, however, circumstances turn him from his course. Little does he know the road ahead is one of character building and transformation.

Orbital Home

The events of Sweet Home take place in a tenement known as Green Home. Green Home appears to be an average tenement from first appearances. However, it doesn’t stay that way long and it turns out that quite the eclectic group holds residence. The residents run the gambit from a firefighter to a predator. However, circumstances have made them equal despite their paths. They are on par in the active engagement of battling for survival.


At Green Home, things happen quickly and the action escalates rapidly. Overnight the world collapses. The apocalypse ascends rapidly before our residents have any awareness. Unbeknownst to them, they are surrounded by death, menacing, terrifying, and grotesque. But interestingly, they find themselves locked away from the world’s terrors despite their ignorance.  For them, as it is for most, the unknown is frightening. It is their uncertainty and lack of understanding that leads them to pursue an exit vigorously. Soon, the group discovers that they have been put under lock and key for their protection and for a good cause. Because the things outside of the gates that await are walking nightmares.

Sweet Home

Above Par

Sweet Home is full of excitement, a film equally creative in plot and design. And the soundtrack is a perfect pairing. A thousand rounds of applause to the directors for selecting Imagine Dragon’s “Warrior.” It sticks with you and, despite its cartoonish nature, the screenplay is unreal.

Dig A Little Deeper

The cause of the mayhem is believed to be a curse that humans are incapable of overcoming. However, our protagonist proves this is perhaps not the case. He exercises extreme will. So the watcher discovers Sweet Home is a story that is not only a mega monster story but one of willpower and the ability to fight the vilest of beasts.

The Great Epic

Sweet Home is a hero’s journey and evolution of personality. It is the story of the indomitable human spirit and its resolve to survive while exploring the brutal nature of retribution. One quote from episode five serves to capture the marrow:

“Our ancestors changed to survive; they called it “Evolution. But if we humans are forced to face an apocalypse, will we choose another form of evolution? Or will we choose to remain human?”

In Final Summation

At heart, this is a movie about monsters big and small, those within and those without. It is a cinematic treatise on the battle of strength and determination it takes to fight the toughest of the beast, real or personified. Sweet Home is a highly recommended series for its powerful story, imagery, and commentary on life. And rumor has it there may be a season two on the horizon!

Sweet Home

Sweet Home (2020) Official Netflix Trailer

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