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Choose or Die (2022): A Review


An Ominous Game

Choose or Die is a 2022 horror-thriller airing on Netflix. It’s a retro offering taking its viewers back to the 80s when everything was simpler. Well, almost everything was simpler.

Choose or Die scores high on the entertainment factor with an enthralling plot and moral relevancy.

Choose or Die (The Plot)

Choose or Die is centered on an ominous game, cryptic and deadly. The film starts with quite the beginning, though there isn’t much revealed in the first few minutes. Nevertheless, it is not long before we jump straight into the frying pan. The stakes of this game are high. 

Gaining Momentum

Tobin Meakins, the director, takes us into the future with a three-month time jump where we meet Kayla and Issac, friends with a possibly budding relationship. Both come across a game Isaac believes is nothing short of amazing. Robert Englund’s voice is on the recording to add to the hype. Isaac fans out, and quite frankly, so do I.

A Robert Englund reference is beyond incredible. He was the boogeyman of 80’s cinema. Everyone was afraid of Kreuger as no one quite portrayed nightmares on dreamscapes like  Fred. 

Steady and Unyielding Trajectory

The story progresses quickly, so there is no shortage of action. And admittedly, there is some pretty heavy stuff. The content gets graphic fast. The unexplained nature of the game and its rules add to the graphic nature.

There is nothing worse than being thrust into a deadly game with no clue what, why, or how to play. Undoubtedly, this movie gave a new definition of thinking quickly on your feet. Believe it or not, there are levels to this thing, meaning it progressively worsens.


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Choose or Die: The Climax 

At the climactic point, the two, Kayla and Isaac, searched for the one behind the madness. Things don’t turn out as planned but that’s not unexpected. In any horror movie worth its salt, things go awry. As with most, so does Kayla and Issacs’s quest. Unfortunately, understanding that some things are a little more complicated with a price tag no one is ready to pay is a hard lesson to learn.

More Than Meets the Eye

Choose or Die isn’t all huff and puff. The movie poses a few existential questions, however it is not that these questions have not been asked before. More than a few films have toyed with these quandaries, such as The Box (2009) and Stephen King’s Thinner (1996). Yet, no matter how many times these themes have been echoed in the movie, it does not change their relevance.

  1. If you know you could benefit by inflicting suffering on others, would you?
  2. What price would you pay to have that type of power?

One can say that Choose or Die takes a hard look at the human psyche and the depths of one’s humanity. 

Choose or Die was a good movie; it packed a lot of punch in a short period. If you’re looking for a horror booster, consider Choose or Die, currently streaming on Netflix.


Choose or Die (2022) Official Netflix Trailer

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