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The Crow Reboot Begins Filming This Summer

The Crow

The Journey so Far

In 1994, Miramax studios released The Crow, which was the last movie ever made by Brandon Lee when he was accidentally shot dead during the filming of a scene. This was a cinematic retelling of the 1989 comic book by the same name that James O’Barr created. Just as the comic book was so incredibly dark and scary, so was the movie version.

Lee plays murdered rock star Eric Draven, who returns from the grave one year following his Devil’s Night slaughter. His task is bloody and straightforward—avenge his death and that of his beloved Shelly by taking out the four killers. This he proceeds to do, with each murder becoming progressively grizzlier. Along the way, he teams up with a friendly cop (Ernie Hudson) who sympathizes with his goals.

The Rise and Fall of The Crow Reboot

The Crow reboot has been stuck in developmental hell for a while now, with multiple people joining and leaving the project over the years. The project surfaced in 2017 when director Corin Hardy (The Nun) was given the reins. Blade director Stephen Norrington was once attached to the task before departing, with F. Javier Gutiérrez and Luke Evans attached to a different version of the reboot as director and star, respectively, before both also leaving the project. The project also had Jason Momoa set to star, but both men left in 2018 after a financial dispute with the producers, leaving the project again seeking a revival.

In The Crow Reboot, Bill Skarsgard was Cast as the Lead

After years of stop and go, the new iteration of the 1994 supernatural actioner is on the runway, with Skarsgård — known for his portrayal of Pennywise the Clown in the IT reboot films from 2017 and 2019 — donning the dark clothes and black and white face paint of series lead Eric Draven, a man brought back from the dead to seek revenge against those who killed him and his fiancée, Shelly. Outside of his role as Stephen King’s killer clown, he most recently appeared in the MCU as Kro in 2021’s Eternals. Skarsgard is repped by WME, Magnolia Entertainment, and Hirsch Wallerstein.

The Crow

Eying June as a start date, with shooting to take place in Prague and Munich. The film’s budget is said to be around $50 million. Action filmmaker Rupert Sanders will be helping the project. With prior credits, including Snow White & The Huntsman, which starred Chris Hemsworth, and Ghost in the Shell, which starred Scarlett Johansson. Sanders is sure to be up to recreating the long-awaited reboot. Attached to produce are Victor Hadida, Molly Hassell, John Jencks, and Edward R. Pressman, who also made Christian Bale in American Psycho, with Dan Farah serving as executive producer, and Malcolm Gray, who co-produced the 2019 Chadwick Boseman thriller, 21 Bridges.

FKA Twigs Playing the Girlfriend Role in The Crow Reboot 

This role was not significant in the original movie, but sources say that the part has been reconceived as a co-lead in this reimagining. It is unclear if the character never entirely dies, perhaps returns in some supernatural form, or may even be a representation of the crow itself. The Grammy-nominated performer, FKA Twigs, has been making a name for herself over the last decade. Dipping her toe into the film industry, the musician turned actress earned critical acclaim for her role in 2019’s Honey Boy. Her appearance in The Crow will serve as her significant motion picture follow-up. FKA is With Honey Boy; seeing the actress in a dramatic role, we guess she’ll shine just as brightly in The Crow.

The Crow

The Crow (1994) Official Miramax Trailer

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