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Four Fairy Tales That Should be Horror Films

Fairy Tales

Whimsical Tales of Dark Horror

What do great horror films and fairy tales have in common? Each holds a grain of truth within them and, after all, there’s nothing more horrifying than the truth. If fairy tales have taught us anything, it’s that we shouldn’t fear the monster; it’s what created the monster that we should ultimately be afraid of. fairy tale monsters are frightening enough because of the words used to describe them in black ink. It makes me wonder how much more horrifying these monsters could become if they were brought to life. Amongst the best fairy tales are those written by brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. Perhaps it’s their consistent horrifying truthfulness that has kept me reading them from childhood into adulthood. Here are my top four favorite Grimm’s Fairy Tales that would translate well into the horror movie genre.

“Little Red Riding Hood” 

Everyone knows the story of “Little Red Riding Hood”. It’s a great warning for little children not to be tempted to stray from the path. But why would this particular story be a great candidate for a horror film? While this version is tame compared to other versions, it still has extremely horrific potential. The wolf in human form would be the perfect serial killer. His charming and charismatic nature would allow him to be able to lead any girl off the right path. Not to mention that the wolf would be intelligent and calculating. If Ted Bundy and Hannibal Lecter had a secret love child, the Big Bad Wolf would be that child. This would be the type of twisted killer horror film that would keep everyone guessing as to whether Little Red will win… or will she just end up as another meal for the Wolf?

“The Spirit in the Bottle” 

This is one of those classic ‘deal with the devil’ sort of stories. While these types of tales are in abundance, this one seems reminiscent of Aladdin. Imagine a young boy finding a bottle in the middle of the woods and a demon shoots out of it with a single rub. How does that not instantly scream horror film? I think this fairy tale would translate well into the ever-changing horror genre. This young boy is desperate to help with the family business despite his father’s wishes for him to go to college to better himself. On his way through the forest to cut down trees for lumber to sell, he accidentally kicks a bottle that he mistakes for trash. Only when something begins to seep out of it does he realize it’s more than that. A demon comes out claiming he’s the strongest being of all time. Tricking the demon back into the bottle, the fates turn when the creature begs the boy to let it back out. The young man will only do so if he does whatever he says. Even though the demon agrees, this is where it can get horrific real fast. At first, the demon plays along but the demon starts to play mind games with the young man causing him to slowly go mad, making him an unreliable protagonist while making the audience question what is real and what isn’t.

Fairy Tales

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“The Juniper Tree”

A common trope in fairy tales is that of the wicked stepmother who despises their stepchild. “The Juniper Tree” is no different in that respect. With the dark twists and turns it takes, this fairy tale isn’t for the faint of heart. The stepmother lures her stepson to a dark room with the promise of a nice juicy apple but instead decapitates him and places his head back on his body, leading to the boy’s ghost forever haunting his stepmother until the day she dies. The fact that he was abused by her will make it hard for his soul to move. Let’s not forget about the fact that his stepmother eventually cooked his remains into a type of stew and fed it to his father. Cannibalism is never okay, children! When his sister gathers his bones and buries them beside the juniper tree, he is forever tied to the grounds of his home, which only makes it easier for him to haunt his stepmother. For these reasons, this is what makes this fairy tale the perfect candidate for a horror film.

“Snow White”

While the Disney film is now a cult classic, this Grimm Fairy Tale is much darker than many of us realize. Snow White’s mother wished for a daughter that had skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony. Do you know how frightening this would be if Snow White had this appearance? This is the description of a walking nightmare. Or if we dig into it further, she is actually a vampire. It would explain how she convinced the seven dwarves to let her live with them. How else could she get those animals to do her bidding? Snow White was able to sleep for a long time without aging. This could also be a factor as to why the huntsman betrayed the queen for her by not killing her. To be honest, why else would the queen want her heart? It is so the queen could be sure Snow White was killed properly. Take the heart of the vampire and they are immortal no more. “Snow White” would be the ultimate monster horror flick. It’s one that I would love to sink my teeth into.

Fairy tales can easily lend themselves to film and have done so in the past. They often have dark themes that can be pushed by the horror genre, which is what makes these in particular such a great starting point. They all have creepy themes that could ultimately fuel the fire of the horror film genre.

Fairy Tales

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