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From (2022): A Review


An Epic Horror Series

From is a 2022 original horror thriller now streaming on EPIX, and it is an epic rendering. To set a gauge of the epicness of the series according to a source, 

“The series premiere of From was EPIX’s most-viewed original series premiere in the history of the (EPIX) premium network.” 

From Whence it Began.

From began streaming in February of this year with a ten-episode run ending the second week in April. At the time of From‘s premiere, no one expected it to be the gem of a series it turned out to be. However, sometimes the best gifts are unexpected, which is never bad. 

Hints of Genius

While From is an original for EPIX, it borrows its plot from several other thrillers worthy of mention. Viewers who invest time in the series are sure to pick out hints of Lost (2004), Wayward Pines (2015), Under the Dome (2014), The Society (2019), and serial favorite Manifest (2018). The formula is similar but not exactly duplicated. It is certainly not underrated. Based on an IMBD rating of 7.6/10 from 10K viewers, the interest in such subjects hasn’t waned. And like the creators of the other fan favorites, John Griffen hit paydirt. 

What’s in The Special Brew

This series is filled with intense sequences of terror. The plot and monsters equate in measure of mysteriousness. Fear of the unknown and unbounded rationality make the excitement palpable. As a bonus for horror fans, From is filled with horror relics and concepts. Fans will find themselves treated to talismans, strawmen theories, shapeshifters, brutal massacres, portals of time, visions, illusions, delusions, and vampiric references. It is a replete tale. 


Full Plot

A small family of four serves to progress the storyline. The Matthews are a couple torn. Their relationship is on the fringes, yet it remains hidden from their progeny. So, the two plan one last trip to break the news. Little do they know it will be a trip they will never forget. 

By fate, they drive into a nightmare they are unable to escape. However, they are not the only ones threatened by their impromptu presence. In the remote town terrorized by nameless monsters, their appearance marks macabre happenings setting off a string of terrifying and bloody occurrences. 

Five Star Aspects

The script is well written and the actors well-seasoned. A few worthy of mention are Harold Perrineau, town leader (Lost), Catalina Moreno as Tabitha Matthews (Falling Skies 2011), Eion Bailey as Jim Matthews (The Stand 2020), and David Alpay as Jade (Vampire Diaries 2009). The performances are sensational but the action sequences are also top-notch. 

From is undoubtedly the show to watch. One of the only downfalls is there is not enough story. However, for now, there is no need to panic. Season two is on the way and set to premiere in 2023. For those who haven’t given this series a watch add it to your list. From will not disappoint.


From (2022) Official Trailer

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