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April 2022


Summer Horror Films Coming in 2022

This year will be a competitive race to see which horror film will be a summertime classic. Here are some films looking to scare viewers.


The Platform (2019): A Review

  • by Perez

From the opening scene, “The Platform” starts out as a film with a message about how those in the upper class (in this case, upper levels) are better off than those below them.


Titanic 666 (2022): A Review

“Titanic 666” is a Tubi original about the Titanic III setting sail in the present day on the same deadly course as the original took in 1912.


Choose or Die (2022): A Review

“Choose or Die” is a 2022 horror-thriller airing on Netflix. It’s a retro offering taking viewers back to the 80s when everything was simpler. Well, almost everything…