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April 2022

Martha is Dead

Martha Is Dead (2022): A Review

“Martha Is Dead” is a harrowing first-person psychological thriller published by Wired Productions. Set in 1994 Italy, this game blurs the lines between reality, superstition, and the tragedy of war.


David Cronenberg Working on New Film!

David Cronenberg may very well be one of the most original and authentic directors to have ever touched the film medium and has announced he has a new film in the works.

Dead Meat Horror Awards

Dead Meat Horror Awards

Earlier this month, the podcast duo launched the first-ever Dead Meat Horror Awards, a new ceremony honoring the best in horror from 2021.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Part Two

“The Walking Dead”, AMC’s flagship horror series, draws towards its twilight. Finally, AMC will lay the series and walkers to rest, a sad realization for die-hard fans.


Clown (2014): A Review

In “Clown”, we witness Watts’ humble beginnings before the mainstream glitz and glamor of the MCU with his directorial debut.

Shining Vale

Shining Vale (2022): A Review

No matter how far we run from the past, it always follows us. In the new 2022 series, Shining Vale, we can see how haunting the past can be through an eerie yet comedic lens.