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Hellblazers (2022): A Review


Small Town Demons Now On Tubi

Hellblazers is a Tubi original set in the late 80’s that follows a satanic cult who wants to unleash hell on Earth. A demon and its fellow demon followers are conjured up and start wreaking havoc upon a small nearby Southwestern town. 

I really enjoyed this movie. It was very funny and this type of story has been done before but was still extremely interesting and had a fresh take on aspects of this subgenre. It is paced well for a tight 90 minute runtime that moves along just fine. It is not too long or too short but rather just right. The setup is quite simple but adds a lot of context to all of the later action moments. 

The acting was great. The cast gave great performances all around, in particular Bruce Dern, Tony Todd, and Adrienne Barbeau stood out to me. They feel more than the average expendable characters and were engaging throughout. Their group dynamic is a lot of fun and their interactions are a highlight. They have a little more depth than the average people in movies. 

I laughed out loud a few times throughout, this movie is funny and at times completely campy. It is not an outright comedy and is definitely still scary and has strong elements of horror. There is tension built throughout and the demons are really creepy. The small town makes for a cool and unique setting. Also, the town and surrounding areas have a charm to them. 


The small town was the perfect place for the show down and the fight scenes with the demons. One thing that stood out to me was the unique lighting throughout. Each scene looked lit very purposefully and the Christmas lights were a fun twist. In addition to this, the open outdoor locations were nice. 

Throughout Hellblazers, there were very cool and well done visual and practical  effects. The blood splatters are plain fun to watch. 

Tubi puts out good original after good original. Between this, Titanic 666, and more, Tubi has really shown itself to produce entertaining original content, which is good for any streaming service being able to branch out. 

Overall, this is another great Tubi original and I was impressed. It is a fun one time watch to spend an hour and a half on. The satanic panic themes are fun and do not feel out of place at all and, rather, serve the plot well. This has been done before but Hellblazers has a different take. The demons are really cool and feel threatening, but it’s satisfying to watch the humans fight them off. It is a little silly and not a film to be taken super seriously. The monsters are cool and it is entertaining to watch the survivors fight them off and defend their town. The perfect movie to put on to do work, chores, watch with others, or work out too. Hellblazers is streaming only on Tubi.


Hellblazers (2022) Official Tubi Trailer

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