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Evil Dead Rise Coming Soon to HBO Max!

Evil Dead Rise

The Resurrection of Evil Dead

Sam Rami created and delivered one of the most iconic horror films to hit the silver screen with the terrifying gem Evil Dead. Once the gem was uncovered, there was no dimming its shine. Evil Dead had earned its place in the horror hall of fame. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and if the Evil Dead 2013 remake has anything to say about its predecessor, then Rami’s creative mark on horror is indelible. 

Evil Dead (1981) – The Original

The plot of the 1981 terror read short and sweet: “Friends on a trip to a cabin in the woods release demons unknowingly, whose full intent is the possession of souls.”

And fans devoured it whole, leaving no crumbs. In fact, if anything, a current ranking of 7.4 depicts a fandom hungry for more, handing out their plates, “more please, sir!”

What was up With Cabin in the Woods?

After the release of the Evil Dead, it became clear that perhaps a getaway in the woods wasn’t a great choice. Fans hadn’t been terrified of the woods since the 1980 release of Friday the 13th. A single stalker in the woods was scary enough, but a host of demons was entirely different. 

Rami Calls Forth More Evil Dead

Rami didn’t disappoint; fans wanted more of the soul-sucking goodness. He came back with Evil Dead Two (1987) six years later. The plot was driven by the same storyline but given more depth. This time around, a sole survivor returns to the cabin, and things play out again. This segment also did well with the fans. A 7.7 rating on IMDB tells much of the story.

Evil Dead Rise

Resurrection on the Horizon

Fans now have a lot more to yearn for. The evil dead will again be on the rise, with the newest installment, Evil Dead Rise, set to stream on HBO this year. 

Some die-hard franchise lovers may be a little disgruntled to know Rami is not in the director’s chair this go-around. However, there is no need to pull out forms for a petition. Although Rami is not sitting firmly in the driver’s seat, he is in the car. This piece very much has his signature all over it. He is the co-writer of the script and he is serving as an executive producer, so we’ll be motoring along in the same car but only with a different driver. 

Evil Dead Rise

The soul possessing entities retain their spot center stage in Evil Dead Rise. Of course, it wouldn’t be a true sequel if it didn’t. However, this time around, two sisters find that reunions can be a lot of work. In fact, some attempts at reuniting can test everything you are made of and the party gets real when unwanted guests arrive, especially hell-bent creatures from beyond.

What’s Rami Got to Say

According to Rami, Evil Dead Rise is a feature fans will not want to miss. Rami reportedly said this of Evil Dead Rise

“It’s terrifying, and it’s going to knock people’s socks off!”

Given Rami’s creative touch, work with the franchise, and repertoire in film, fans can take that to the bank. Of course, it surely doesn’t hurt that Lee Cronin, director and writer of the phenomenal horror film The Hole in the Ground (2019), takes the wheel.

Hold the Anticipation

Although no definitive date has been released, the movie is in post-production and its advent is confirmed. While such an announcement in no way satisfies the anticipation of the eager, fans may find that re-watching the franchise may do a lot to soothe the itch.

Evil Dead Rise

The Evil Dead (1981) Official Trailer

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