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An Overview and History of the Mothman Legend

The upcoming film, Mothman (2022), set to be released sometime this summer, focuses on the Mothman legend of West Virginia. The film follows the story of Amanda Mason, played by Liz Fletcher, and her boyfriend Tim, played by Christopher Kuriata. The couple are determined to capture footage of what happened to Amanda’s lost brother, but instead, they come across something more gruesome and sinister in the process. Soon during their search, the couple finds an SD card containing the information of what happened to her brother, and as Amanda watches the video, the red, burning eyes of the Mothman were staring into her soul.

Mothman is sure to add to the allure of the legend, and highlight some important historical events associated with the mothman legend of West Virginia. Indie horror film director and producer, Joshua Brucker, has announced that Mothman will also take place in the same universe as the indie horror film Wendigo (2022), which is also set to be released sometime this year. 

Mothman follows the documentary style horror, similar to the infamous film The Blair Witch Project (1999). With ‘found footage’ of the Mothman legend, Mothman will most likely follow the amateur film style highlighting the intenseness of the story, and placing the audience in a scenario that could possibly be real, adding to the scare factor. With a low production budget at around twelve thousand dollars, the film is sure to be following Amanda and Tim’s journey to find Amanda’s lost brother, while showing the scary realities of the West Virginia forests. There is little about the film released, contributing to the scare factor as well, as it leaves audiences only guessing what they could be presented with onscreen. 

Thankfully, the Mothman legend of West Virginia has a long history that could give insight into how the film might unfold. For years, the Mothman legend has terrified residents throughout the state of West Virginia, with some claiming the creature has brought terror and bad luck to many small towns throughout the state. Disasters, catastrophes, and deaths have all been associated with the Mothman at one point throughout its history. There have been countless documentaries, and short series highlighting the legend and interviewing individuals who were alive during the height of the attacks and sightings. 

The first sighting of the Mothman was recorded in November, 1966. A group of gravediggers in Clendenin, West Virginia reported a strange, winged man in the trees above the gravesite. Only days later the next sighting was reported by a couple strolling through Point Pleasant, who claimed they were chased by a large winged creature that had demonic red glowing eyes. Throughout the next year, there would be hundreds of sightings and reported attacks throughout West Virginia.


However, in December of 1967, the sighting came to a complete halt, after the tragic collapse of the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant, which killed 46 people in the process. There have been various theories about what the Mothman could be, from a wild beast unknown to science, to a government experiment that was released by the government. Some individuals even attribute the Silver Bridge collapse to the Mothman, stating that people saw the creature perched on the bridge earlier in the day. However, individuals who were alive during the time, and present for the collapse claim that the sightings were not reported until years later, and no one claimed to have seen the beast during the initial tragedy. 

The mystery of the Mothman legend has grasped society and media interest throughout the years, with various books, films, and documentaries being produced. However, the most influential event that has occurred since the sightings is the annual Mothman Festival, which was originally founded in 2002. Thousands of people from around the country flock to the small town of Point Pleasant every year to experience the Mothman legend and culture it has created in the area. 

In the horror industry, the Mothman legend has created a frenzy of individuals analyzing the purpose of the monster in popular horror culture, such as a harbinger of doom. As all monsters have a specific fear they represent, the Mothman has been associated with the fear of the unknown and doom, or bad luck. Due to the bridge collapse that happened in 1967, the Mothman has created fear, yet fascination throughout the country. The Mothman has gained the same notoriety that other North American cryptids have, such as Bigfoot and El Chupacabra, with various books, comics, and merchandise being produced about the creature.

Brucker’s Mothman, which follows the found footage film style, is said to be a pseudo-documentary with ‘real found footage,’ from Dakota’s personal tapes, which was discovered by the characters, Amanda and Tim – and not the typical run of the mill ‘found footage flick.’ Brucker announced to audiences that they should not be expecting a typical monster or creature feature, with the horror being more psychological rather than direct, through chasing for example. Audiences should not be concerned about whether the winged creature will make an appearance in the film, however, as director Joshua Brucker stated that it will indeed be present, and a unique design of the Mothman legend. 

As stated, the film is set to be released sometime this year, hopefully this summer. Mothman will star actors Liz Fletcher and Christopher Kuriata as the lead roles, and will be based on historical accounts and sightings of the Mothman legends of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. No doubt this film will be influential to the Mothman legend, being the first fiction film being produced about the creature. With the anticipation created by the director and the uniqueness of the film itself, it is predicted that the film will be quick to have a cult following. Until the release, audiences will anxiously wait for the return of the Mothman.


Mothman (2022) Official Trailer

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