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Hannibal: A Killer Series

Hannibal Lecter

Will There Be a Season Four?

Hannibal Lecter is one of the most feared people in the flesh. All there is to say about the actual Dr. Lecter Hollywood capitalized off the life of this “distinguished” murderer. Avid fans of the riveting psycho-thriller that has chronicled Lecter’s life have found the stories immensely satisfying; some may even say succulent. 

Hannibal (2001) Makes It to Hollywood

In 2001, Ridley Scott re-introduced the world and horror fans to Clarice Starling and the infamous Hannibal Lecter. After becoming acquainted with sir Lecter, it was evident that if horror could have any other name, it would be Hannibal. It wasn’t just that he was monstrous. He was reposed and wore his nasty with elegance. Not enough can be said of Anthony Hopkins, who played Lecter.

Hannibal Takes Over the Silver Screen

In 2013 Lecter was revived for a new generation of watchers. Bryan Fuller adapted Hannibal for the small screen, and Hugh Dancey played the lead. The first episode aired in April 2013 and ran until August 29, 2015, a prelude to the fall.

Hannibal Lecter

Fiending for a Villain: Sir Lecter, If You Please

Initially, hopes were dashed when reported that NBC had canceled Hannibal. And as one source notes, there was a great deal of consternation as to why the show was canceled. As reported, NBC initially canceled the show due to ratings with executive producer Martha De Laurentiis blaming the ax on online piracy.”

Due to rights, there was a delay in any talks. However, a recent tweet brought good news. And according to another source, Netflix came to the rescue to pick up the behemoth thriller. However, there has been little confirmation when the show will return. The entire cast has been hush. However, while nothing is set in stone, there are rumors that the show will possibly continue in 2023. And the tentative dates being given are either June or December. 

What Recourse Until the Next Course?

There’s still quite a wait. However, It’s been eight years, and the fandom hasn’t cooled, so, indeed, fans can hold out one more year. There’s plenty of Hannibal still re-consume. So, perhaps a re-watch may satiate the appetite until the main course is served.

Hannibal Lecter

Hannibal (2013) Season One Official Trailer

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