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Eli Roth Presents A Ghost Ruined My Life: A Review

Eli Roth

Stories are Scarier When Left to the Imagination

Master of horror Eli Roth has brought us yet another cheesy paranormal reality show, of course not dismissing the entertainment value though.

With no disrespect to the horror genre icon himself, Eli Roth Presents: A Ghost Ruined My Life (2021), doesn’t really stand out from the many other reality shows claiming to be re-telling true paranormal encounters. 

While other paranormal shows illustrate supposed true ghost activity, Roth’s show claims to do the same, the only difference being these ghost stories don’t have many happy endings. Each episode follows one person’s true story of a haunting that has shattered or altered their life to this day.

The re-enactments and dramatization of the stories being told do nothing more than entertain and further the disbelief and authenticity of these paranormal experiences.

The idea of Eli Roth telling genuine stories of hauntings (if you believe that’s possible) is something that most love to tune in to. However, as a reality show, it’s not as appealing as it could be. 

But as a podcast, these types of stories are something that keeps an audience listening to each episode. Scary stories are much scarier when it’s left up to your own imagination.

Eli Roth

Having Eli Roth narrate and talk to the actual victims of these paranormal attacks is not only more believable when there are no images to be seen, but it allows the audience to create their own illustration to what they’re hearing, which allows for a more frightening and fun experience. 

While the show is available in a podcast version, it also includes the audio from the dramatization from the show itself, which throws it off a bit. What makes the podcast better is a combination of Roth’s narration and the campfire ghost story feeling it captures with each episode. 

The TV show can be found on Discovery+, Philo, Spectrum TV, Stream TV Shows, Travel Channel Go, and The Roku Channel. The podcast can be streamed on Apple, Spotify or wherever else podcasts are available. 

Whether you believe there is truth to be told within paranormal encounters or not, most of us would agree that Eli Roth tells a good horror story. This show, in its podcast form, is a good listen for true believers and a fun time for skeptical horror fans.

Eli Roth

A Ghost Ruined My Life (2022) Podcast Trailer

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