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Black Mirror: New Season Coming Soon!

Black Mirror

The Reflective Sci-Fi Anthology Soon to Return to Netflix for Season Six!

Black Mirror, the wildly popular dystopian sci-fi anthology series, initially found its home on BBC. However, it was not long before the series found a new home on Netflix. As CNET describes, Black Mirror became a “cultural phenomenon.”

Black Mirror: A Look Beyond

Not since The Twilight Zone (1959), Outer Limits (1963), or Amazing Stories (1985) had audiences been so thrilled by a science fiction anthology. Creator Charlie Brooker gave audiences a lot to ponder. He pushed the boundaries of what could be possible with his cutting-edge view into a dystopian future. His stories not only inspired dialogue on the course of modern society but struck chords of fear.

On The Edge 

For five seasons, Black Mirror ran, with the final episode airing in the early summer of 2019. With the conclusion of the last episode, Rachel, Ashley, and Jack, too, fans were left to wonder if they would again get their fix in the year to follow. Unfortunately, this was not to be. According to sources, even Brooker, the creative mind behind the series, was unsure if there would be a future for his dystopian series. Nevertheless, the anticipation kept fans on edge. Since all good things end, some fans hung up their hopes and said farewell to a well-written anthology.

Sometimes Things Change

Three years later, fans finally have an answer. Yes, there is more of the darkly reflective anthology to come. A recent article from Variety read,

“The sixth season of disturbing technology-related tales is set to feature more installments than its predecessor and is “more cinematic in scope. Casting is underway, but there is no timetable for its release yet.” 

While this news does not provide certainty, it is a step in that direction, giving fans something to look forward to. 

Black Mirror

What happened With Black Mirror? 

The creative minds behind the series left the parent company the series was initially produced under. Business dealings often come with cumbersome red tape and unfortunately, the rights to Black Mirror stayed with the company. It was not until a deal was orchestrated that the creators could again hold the reins and decide on a creative direction.

As noted,

“When Brooker and Jones left House of Tomorrow, however, the rights to Black Mirror stayed with parent company Endemol Shine Group, which Banijay Group ultimately acquired in the summer of 2020. That arrangement effectively prevented Brooker and Jones from producing more seasons for Netflix until a deal was hammered out with Banijay.

Reportedly things have been ironed out, and more of the fan-favorite is in the works.

So, with much hope, soon, we will again look at our tech with speculation. We will once again set a course for a dystopian reality exploring the darker and more unimaginable side of societal progression.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror (2019) Official Netflix Trailer

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