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The Twin (2022): A Review


The Twin has Depth

The Twin, a simply titled film with a seemingly simple plot, is a rendering of Aleksi Hyvärinen and Taneli Mustonen, currently streaming on Shudder.

Veering Off

The film begins innocently. Viewers catch a glimpse of an old station wagon puttering down the road. We see the mom and son, all evidence indicates a family road trip is in progress when things swerve fast, segueing into tragedy. Viewers don’t see what happens, but the many camera shots display the fear, agony, sadness, depression, and death, signposts of a horrific experience.

Then we see the family at a tombstone with the name Nathan inscribed and the total picture seems to come into focus for the viewer. So, it seems… Illusions are a tricky thing, aren’t they?

Twin Has Depth

There is a bit of a jump in time. The family is trying to put the pieces together to get beyond what has happened but what is on the surface is no indicator of what is happening. Like all hapless mothers, Rachel is oblivious. To appease her son or her sense of guilt, she fulfills a very macabre wish against better judgment. Odd requests, weird drawings, horrible dreams, all ominous signs, signs that something is not quite right.

Finally, the fun begins when Elliot proclaims he’s no longer who his mother thinks he is, but this is only the second layer of this multilayered work. There is even more depth to this one.


A Simple Moniker: A Labyrinth of a Tale

The Twin is a mixed bag. Some may even say a conundrum that leaves a bit of a quandary. At face value, it’s a story of possession. An evil entity that perhaps fulfills wishes. A slight hesitation to act has disastrous results. The clock is ticking. Then it folds into a more complex story.

Fans begin to think, “oh, okay, this is another twist on the anti-Christ angle”. It conjures up the comparison to Damien: The Omen (1978), The Bad Seed (2018), or The Good Son (1993). Or perhaps it is more like a re-vamped Rosemary’s Baby (1968). However, the story then takes another complicated turn. This film is the embodiment of meandering.

Out to the Other Side: What A Maze

Fans will have to hang on for this one. The plot jumps are numerous and at times, it gets confusing. Clarity is not key here and viewers must watch to the end or they will misconstrue what is going on. One thing can be guaranteed: This movie will bewilder, shock, and even hypnotize you. Many may find it has left them in a state of confusion while others will applaud a story that is so tangled that one can tear their eyes away.

However, if one looks at The Twin for what it is, another piece of art to entertain, they will at least walk away with a sense that their hour and forty-nine minutes were not lost. 


The Twin (2022) Official Shudder Trailer

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