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Bull (2022): A Review


A Tale of Retribution You Won't Soon Forget

Bull is an action thriller written and directed by Paul Andrew Williams, released on April 5, 2022. It is described as bloody goodness, a tale of retribution one will not soon forget.

The Heart of Bull

Bull at its core is a story of revenge set in the gritty streets of London. Williams explores the life of a renegade gangster after a double-cross forces him on the lam. However, some actions exact a terrifying toll, and Bull has the guts and gall to prove it. He is as ruthless as an angered bull when he returns, seeing nothing but red, and nothing stands in the way of payback.

Bull takes no prisoners. Those who wronged him have no hope of redemption. He is empty, unremorseful, and unsympathetic. Who expects anything less from a man whose very son has been used as a pawn in a deadly game? 

The Story

This story centers on Bull, who carries the entire movie. Neil Maskill is cast in the primary role. He is outstanding. His very persona says, “Don’t Mess with Me.” If one could compare his character to anyone in the cinematic universe, he would draw a just comparison to Chuck Norris. The way he elevates the intensity deserves kudos.

However, this is expected for someone with such longevity in the industry. Maskill’s resume speaks for itself. His filmography dates back an impressive three decades.


The Ebb and Flow

The plot of Bull does not stray far away from the traditional revenge plot. All elements are in the story, but Williams adds a pinch of the unexpected. He prods the mind to wonder about the source of Bull’s indestructible nature. He leads one to inquire who Bull is or, better yet, what he is. 

Final Summation

This film is full throttle action-packed. When it comes to violence, there are no holds; it is in your face and raw.

So, if violence gets your gears running, this movie is for you. Bull will provide just desserts, especially for fans of stories of merciless retribution with a supernatural twist.


Bull (2022) Official Trailer

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