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Corrective Measures (2022): A Review

Corrective Measures

Corrective Measures Ventures Beyond The Average

Corrective Measures is a film with a unique perspective on a corrupt maximum-security facility that turns out quite surprising. 

Corrective Measures

In a world where superheroes rule in cinematic experiences, a new type of story arises, one about characters who are not quite superheroes but undoubtedly super. Corrective Measures is a film written and directed by Sean Patrick O’Reilly. While Corrective Measures is an original screenplay, the film is said to be sourced from a work by Grant Chastain. 

Some Parallelism

Since Stan Lee and Jack Kirby introduced the world to the idea of mutants, many stories have sprung forth and expanded the concept. Fundamentally, mutants are humans with exceptional powers that arise from disruptions in the genetic code, at least in some source material. Unlike superheroes, they are never considered good or bad. Within this film, humans with inexplicable powers have also emerged. There is no great deal of detail on where these powers arise. The extent of these powers has landed several in prison.

Plot That Thickens

Corrective Measures focuses on a maximum-security facility built for some of the most dangerous people in this society. Many inmates have powers that elevate their potential for extreme damage to the world but there is a rot in the upper ranks. This lapse in legitimate order strains the operation of the facility. As the plot progresses, viewers see how strained and impactful unchecked corruption can be. 

Corrective Measures

The Good Bits

There is a fair progression of the plot in this film. The story has an excellent buildup leaving viewers wondering what could be next. Both Bruce Willis and Michael Rooker, who played opposite each other, did a fantastic job in their performances. Rooker is the tough-as-nails but wayward Warden, while Willis plays “Lobe,” one of the most dangerous men in the facility. It is their battle of wits that pulls the film towards its climax. And neither disappoint. The ending is also one to relish as well. My final words were, “Oh my, well done?”

There are Weaknesses in Every Super Story

The biggest weakness is uneven pacing. One of the most prominent supers, Tom Cavanagh, doesn’t get enough story.  And while Lobe is the primary nemesis, the audience isn’t given much detail about who “Lobe” is. That would be significant given the gravity of what happens at the film’s apex. Towards the end, we get a clear idea of what power Lobe actually poses.

Let’s Sum it Up

This film is nicely written. It’s nice to see a movie with a plot that ventures beyond the average. The acting is enough to garner a watch.

While it’s not horror, the characters have some terrifying powers. There is great appeal in this film for those who are fans of superheroes, mutants, or supervillains. Others may find refreshment in seeing something a little different for a change. Viewers can now find Corrective Measures streaming on Tubi.

Corrective Measures

Corrective Measures (2022) Official Tubi Trailer

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