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Incantation Coming Soon to Netflix!


Find Out Why Incantation is Taiwan’s Scariest Film of all Time

Netflix announced that they have acquired the global rights to Incantation, a Taiwanese film that’s quickly become a sensation within the horror community. The film sees a woman fight to reclaim her life after a curse took everything from her six years prior. The film has already been released in Taiwan and is currently the country’s highest-grossing film of the year and is considered the scariest film the country has ever produced. With a distinction like that, it certainly can’t be missed.

Ruo Nan experiences the grisly consequences of breaking a religious taboo when it results in the deaths of both her lover and family. She then enters a dark period following this tragedy. Ruo Nan hides the secret of what happened and buries her pain so deep that others wouldn’t know there was anything wrong.

This period becomes so dark for Ruo Nan that she even gives up her child to be raised by another family. Years later, she is finally ready to move on. She’s been to therapy and has found her way back to a normal life, which she intends to make complete by regaining her child. Unfortunately, signs of the curse that ruined her life are beginning to reappear.

If Ruo Nan has any hope of keeping herself and her child safe, she’ll have to confront the very thing she’s spent years running from.


Kevin Ko serves as director for Incantation. He has five other films to his name, including Invitation Only, Doomsday Reverse, and Dude’s Manuel

Six films may not be a lot but having the scariest horror film in Taiwan is quite the accolade. Hsuan-yen Tsai (Blue Choker) stars as Ruo Nan. Other cast members include Ying-Hsuan Kao (Lust, Caution), Sean Lin (The Tenants Downstairs), and Ching-Yu Wen in his film debut.

Incantation will release in the United States on July 8th. For anyone who’s a fan of Asian horror, definitely check out this film. Fans who have already seen it have described it as intense and nail-biting. When the film releases in the States, be sure to check back here for an official review.


Incantation (2022) Official Netflix Trailer

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