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Season Three of Evil Now on Paramount!

Evil Season 3

Evil Brings us Back to the Abyss

A phrase no one wants to hear is that evil has returned but on this occasion, we can make an exception. June 12th marked the reemergence of Evil on Paramount+.

Evil first premiered in 2019. Mike Colter, who had made a splash on the epic Luke Cage, was billed as David Acosta. Katja Herbers from Westworld made a perfect companion as Kate Bouchard’s skeptic. 

Evil Emerges – Season 1

The first season was full of intrigue, a mix between The Exorcist (1973) and the X-Files (1993). Each week viewers followed Acosta and Bouchard as both tried to give meaning to inexplicable phenomena. One leaned heavily towards a spiritual hand in these matters while the other toward the practical. And every week, emerging cases would tip the balance. 

Evil Resurfaces – Season 2

The closer we neared the end, the deeper the darkness. Finally, Townsend, who was enemy number one, took more of center stage. Townsend’s success as a minion of hell seemed to flourish. And the ultimate skeptic, Kate stood toe to toe with the evil she negated.

Finally, it appeared Acosta’s days as a spiritual seeker and advisor were over. 

Evil Season 3

Undoubtedly season two took audiences into the abyss. The question was no longer did pure evil exist. The question now became who did Evil dwell in and how to extract it. As viewers could see, Bouchard was no longer herself; evil had now touched her. Acosta’s struggles were too great. In fact, fans were left with the most cliched cliffhanger in cinematic history: “Will they or won’t they?”

Evil Invades – Season 3

Now Evil is back for a third season, with the first episode airing June 12th on Paramount+. According to IMDB, this season will be much less by the dictionary. Every episode in season two focused on topics that coincided with several letters of the alphabet. For example, such as “C is for Cannibal” “D is for Doll”, and “Z is for zombies.” However, this season appears to be directing its viewers even deeper. Each episode is titled after a different demon, such as the ”Demon of Death” or the “Demon of Sex.”

As viewers are aware, the infection of darkness is spreading and infiltrating even the most hallowed halls and members of the church. The only question becomes how far Michelle and Robert King will take us. That is something we will have to watch to find out.

Evil Season 3

Evil (2022) Official Paramount+ Trailer

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